Commentary On Youth Crime Today

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Commentary on youth crime today

After watching the video of youth crime I could observe and analyze the different circumstances that determined the procedure of an organized guide in a collective population today. The concept of youth crime that we can observe in detail in the foundation of the video refers to what youth of youth crime in the intervention of the activities located in the minor adolescents in a position in the law. You have to master the factors that also guide youth crime. 

The circumstances directed towards youth crime are the following social, economic, school, biological to even familiar elements. Having an authentic reciprocity yet that we cannot speak that it is a spontaneous case that influences a succession of circumstances determined to meet a problem. We can even reason that all factors are the primary formula to carry the terms of a structured base of youth crime. 

Transmitting does not define the relationship, but a clarification for the crime model executing before the law. Being a place of utmost importance in the recognition to develop a chain of crimes executed and thus shape in the world of crime. Crime in Universal where one of its primary purposes are the economy, the unleashing, the unemployment, the profits among others that produce in this dilemma gradually. Essentially there is a link between crime and the level of profits. The inclination between the link in crime, especially in young people, the cause of poverty and unemployment are some of the circumstances in which society is wrapped and more in young people. 

In the jurisdiction, they submit that youth criminals are not in the set of cases the appropriate way and portions of minors prisons that in recent years have been established in the country. For some time a youth crime commission has been implemented with a lack of perspective and disenchantment before the future, inequality and reduced coincidences in which society provides young people. Makes crime infiltrated more and more in a world approach. 

Also other factors that are called this problem is violence among young people are the use of weapons, drugs, violence in their home environment, a premise of the problem of behavior, attempt at suicide, groups and a strong conviction for violence as satisfaction to your dilemma. Also carelessness in educational evolution managing to get involved in other types of young gang environments like them. These particular clans are usually a subject with greater hierarchy in the under the world of crime. All this is contributed to the maladjustment and the position that in case in the process of maintaining a chronic situation of the panorama. The peculiarity to the psychosocial marginalization of young people to immerse themselves in a risk that are awarded to youth crime. 

The factors of fear they contribute to their external daily situation that predominate to a decrease in emotional cause generating a stage of helplessness. This is adapting in a chronic and marginalized stage when the company itself indicates them for the crime committed. Nowadays we are beings without empathy towards others we point to all that without matter the age they have, but we forget that we have a finger that always points us. That socially we must take into consideration that social rules are informal or not written. That we execute laws that will facilitate our social integration that, for the contradictory, transgress them will cause chaos of social decline.

 In youth crime, it is exposed to the crimes of commission by people in an assigned age interval. The crimes attributed by minors are determined in exclusive judiciary and to end at ages that rule in youth crime. It resembles between the ages of 12 to 17 as the ages that have a higher growth in crime. The ways of infiltrating each of them are more effectively., Music, press, internet and finally the social redees where every day more is a fast and controversial tool where children are instructed of each thing they see as a model to continue fermented thus the alarm of youth crime. 

We have to be clear about the importance of exploring the circumstances that determine this type of crime in our young people to be able to intervene with them in time.

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