Comment Of A Dramatic Work: Tartufo

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Comment of a dramatic work: Tartufo

Moliére writer of the work to be commented on in 1622 and died in 1673 in France, he was a famous playwright and comediograph who lived during the monarchical era where all the power fell only to the king, possibly his inspiration towards the theater emergedThanks to his uncles who took him to theatrical functions then. He had his debut in the seventeenth century with the theatrical work Tartufo, which belongs to the dramatic genre of comedy, because in it the daily difficulties face the characters trying to solve them in a way that Burlesca makes their audience laugh. 

The work presents a division of five acts and thirty -one scenes where you can find a lot of paintings, which are characterized by the change of scenographies throughout the narration, an example would be the participation of Orgón and Mariana where the charactersThey maintain a quite important talk to start the history conflict. This conversation is located in the first scene belonging to act two, a place where the characters maintain a dialogue within an unusual area, so that the protagonist offers his daughter to marry the false devotee Tartufo.

Moliere presents in his writings two expressive forms among the characters, the first corresponds to a direct dialogue which is more common throughout the work, where representatives exchange ideas in an agile and simple way. The second belongs to a monologue that is mostly interpreted by Dorina, possibly Moliere tries to rescue the cunning of the maid because it shows it quite interested in the problems of her patterns and tries to solve them, although she is affected by providing her help. 

The characters in the play are quite naive, especially the protagonist who is a reflection of the people who lived at that time, in addition their language is quite cultured and appropriate. Perhaps the author through his figures intended to demonstrate how illusory were the people who belonged to a high social class compared to those who had a shortage of money, not to mention the false attitude that was a primary characteristic at that time.

The scenario of this work is the protagonist’s house specifically in the room where the greatest number of events are developed such as discussions that were frequent among the characters. Certainly the work is full of conflicts and confrontations between the family members, perhaps Molieré tried to demonstrate the lack of communication between them, in addition to enhancing a typical attitude of the leader of the classical family in the monarchical age. The writer presents a series of fairly simple actions compared to the activities that each figure performs, maybe he did not intend to give so much detour to the indications and interpretations that the characters had to perform.

Moliére is characterized by highlighting in his writings the hypocritical attitude of society, especially in the religious sphere being tartufo one of the works that the author used to express his disgust towards the monarchical era in which he lived where people had a feigned position towards thethe rest. The language used in the work is quite varied due to the social classes that each character belongs, that is to say that the sociolect is implemented in the work, in addition, a large number of literary figures such as the metaphor are present.

The theme of the theatrical work is the hypocrisy demonstrated by Tartufo, which, through their pretended attitude manipulates the other characters to achieve all their ambitions, in addition, the suspense plays a very important role thanks to Dorina who encourages theOther characters to perform a series of some somewhat impertinent but cunning acts with the sole purpose of solving the problems of their patterns and unmasking the villain of history, all this is done in a comic and somewhat crazy way.

The argument of the work begins with the bond of friendship between Orgón and Tartufo, the latter managesAnd even submissive, all this with the sole purpose of marrying Mariana who was already promised to Valerio;At the same time, the hypocritical man tries to sexually attract the protagonist’s wife, however, after Dorina’s cunning he managesFinish the protagonist appears before the king, who returns former favors that he had made and annuls donations stopping Tartufo.

The time of the work is chronological because events happen in an exact order possibly because. The atmosphere is somewhat tense because of the rivalry that exists between Tartufo and the other characters due to the hypocritical position of the same as a result of the excessive and blinding confidence of the protagonist.  

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