Colonization In America By The Spaniards

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Colonization in America by the Spaniards

Colonization throughout America in Latin America at the end of the 15th century a fleet led by Cristóbal Colon would arrive in America in the year of 1492, and colonization would begin on behalf of the Spanish Empire;Years later the different empires and European countries would arrive such as the Portuguese Empire, British Empire, Netherlands, France, at the beginning of the 17th century.

Colonization in Latin America is the greatest historical fact to this is named as;Colonialism, colonization in Latin America in which European empires took and snatched the American territory, colonization was led by Christopher Navigator, Viceroy, cartographer and general governor was under the service of the Crown of Castile;By mandate of the Catholic Monarchs, Isabel de Castilla and Fernando de Aragón, Colon was sent to look for what was known as the New World after embarking on a trip through the Atlantic Sea of two long months and nine days Cristóbal ColonAmerica specifically in the year of 1492 to an island of the Bahamas called Guanahani.

In the conquest the Spaniards had great objectives and several material and spiritual motivations, one of them was the evangelization of indigenous peoples as a religious education, another of their motivations was the incorporation of legislation for the protection of indigenous peoples. In the year of 1512 the laws of Burgos established the condition of the “free” indigenous man, later in the year of 1542 the new laws, laws and ordinances made by the Majesty for the Government of India were promulgated, those reviewed parcels whereThey are given the rights of the inhabitant.

In general we can say that the conquest can be divided into two sides, the first would be that there was an outrage and an outrage to their people, since their women and their gold were stolen by them for their own well -being;The other point would be that they left us what Catholicism, their language and their knowledge in general what would help us in a progress as a society and not remain isolated from the rest of the world.  

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