Colombia Wild Magic

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Colombia Wild Magic

Colombia is literally the best corner of America. Located at the north end of South America, where the Central American Isthmus ends, it is necessarily a passage zone for large bird migrations that travel along the continent. The country has at least five large well -differentiated natural regions: the Amazon jungles, the plains of the Orinoco, the mountains of the Andes, the rainy jungles of the Pacific coast and the extensive plains of the Coasts of the Atlantic. Its lands cover all climates and ecosystems, from the deserts of the La Guajira Peninsula to the moors of the high mountains, magical reserves of pure water, the same that flows with constancy and love for the entire territory in currents that water five slopes: The Pacific coast, the Atlantic coast, the Amazonas and Orinoco rivers and the Putumayo River.

In spiteTheir associated seas still have immense areas that have not been touched by man or that retain important vestiges of the ancient ecological niches of the country.

Sunset in Colombia these spaces refers to Colombia wild magic based on a frankly spectacular photograph that brings the viewer closer to natural intimacy, to the state of danger and helplessness in which species of incredible beauty are found, accustomed to cycles of life and death that areThey have repeated for thousands of years and that civilization becomes dangerous.

The inhabitants of Colombia have not distinguished themselves for their conservation or environmental practices with the environment and with the precious natural treasures that flood the country’s territories. A terrible but destructive has always existed, a particular passion to end birds, ducks, deer, squirrels, otters, tigers, lazy, snakes;An instinct for fishing until extinction using terrible methods such as dynamite or poisons or networks that do not give space for species continuity. But the territory, so diverse, so mysterious, so cozy, is so immense that even in the mountains that surround Medellín, the city of almost three million inhabitants where I live there are sightings of Pumas, while colorful, although limited, flocksfrom Guacamayas survey their urban skies. And if this occurs in urban areas, the parade of unique species that inhabit the jungles, plains, moors, coasts, rivers and high mountains is absolutely spectacular.

Colombia and fauna seems that collective consciousness has evolved and there are hopes of a new era of generous and conservationist spirit, marked in large part by the separation of large extensions of territory in the form of national and regional parks, and reserve areasfauna and flora. To this will surely contribute this film, with its suggestive and decidedly committed messages to the natural world. Its success has been remarkable, it has already become the largest number of spectators in the history of national cinema.

The truth is that much of this comes from outside, as can be seen in the film itself, in which the influence of conservation visions, clearly welcome, but unusual in the popular local sphere is evident in the local popular sphere. The narration itself that accompanies the development of the film, although it is read in Spanish, by a great pleasant and beautiful voice reader, leaves a constant feeling that a translation is being read and not an original writing in Spanish. It is a pity, because at least in part, the great poetic sense of photography is lost, which could have been highlighted by some beautiful text that would provide literary and musical cadences.

Landscapes of Colombia Wild magic before the eagerness to highlight the wild aspects of ecosystems, the film pays very little attention to the interactions between nature and man. Cities or peoples almost not appear, or humans, as part of all this;And when they appear, photography becomes poor and weak. All this can be interpreted as part of the intentionality of the tape that is reflected in its own name. However, to generate true and deep conservation consciousness, given the progress of the urban, approaches to man and his role should be made;on the impact that buildings, roads, public works and citizen furniture has on the natural ecosystem, about the possibilities of coexistence and relationships that allow to maintain wild magic, in the middle of the P

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