Coffee, Caffeine And Medication Intake

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Coffee, caffeine and medication intake


In this investigation he will talk about coffee, their types of grains, coffee decaffeination and its dependence, as well as coffee information for people with a certain disease will be given.

The coffee

The coffee beans are actually the seeds that are within the edible fruits of the coffee grows, then the green grains are to achieve the desired flavor, before being ground and prepared. Coffee growers are grown in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. They grow at great altitudes in a cold and humid climate.

Types of grains.

There are two kinds of coffee beans. The Arabica and Robusta. Arabia is the most popular variety and has more caffeine, most coffee combinations contain a mixture of both.


When they grow totally, the red fruits of coffee are collected by hand, after which the seeds are extracted and dried, the fruits that are still green are left in the plant to reach their total ripe. To achieve the desired flavor and highlight certain characteristics, green coffee beans are tuned to different degrees. There are three main toasted levels.

  • Light brown
  • Ground coffee
  • Dark coffee

Lades darker toasted, less caffeine.

Decaffeinated procedure

  • Start with the soaking of coffee beans, in hot water
  • Subsequently a solvent or active carbon are used to extract or dissolve caffeine
  • The typical solvents used are. (methylene chloride or ethyl acetate).

Unfortunately with this process the first lot loses most of its flavor, however once the solution fluid is saturated by the first lot, the other later lots retain much of its flavor.

In some procedures, the coffee beans of the first lot are re-accurate in the water solution to reabsorb flavor compounds, so over time they can be used to make decaffeinated coffee.

Coffee and medications?

The ideal is to ingest medications with pure water, although most people ingest them with the first they have at hand. Some reasons not to do so are the following.

  • In some cases, these drinks can "disintegrate" medication and eradicate their effects.
  • They can prevent the absorption of certain components, such as iron.
  • It is possible that some drinks (especially soft drinks and milk) interact with medications and generate unwanted consequences.

It was studied how caffeine levels affect the organism in the short and long term, with special emphasis on possible adverse effects at cardiovascular, muscular, bone, reproductive and psychological level.

After reviewing more than 700 studies on caffeine intake, researchers found very solid evidence that 400 milligrams of caffeine per day (the equivalent of four cups of coffee) is a safe amount for most adult people. Of course, it will depend on factors such as age, clinical history and the physical condition of each.

For people with hypertension, Dr. Cruz Hernández in Tamaulipas said that if a patient maintains an adequate blood pressure level of 130-80 ‘he can ingest only a cup of coffee a day, and will continue to keep a good quality of life, but whatideal would not be consumed ‘.

The specialist recommended that people suffer hypertension change coffee for chamomile or cinnamon tea, and sweeten it with a sugar substitute envelope and, in case of coffee, suggested only drinking a cup of decaffeinated.


Concluding this issue we can say that mainly and because of its composition, water is the option to ingest our medication and that the consumption of excess caffeine is not good generally in people who suffer from hypertension since there is an increase in blood pressure.

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