Coca-Cola Company Social Responsibility Strategies

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Coca-Cola Company Social Responsibility Strategies

Every day, companies have a social awareness about those issues that concern people, but especially their consumers. The social responsibility of the companies, allows them to create strategies that demonstrate, that social responsibility and thus establish a social brand. According to Kotler (1997), “a social brand, is that which includes social responsibility among its interest groups, thus actively oriented towards ecological and social well -being, there is a socially responsible dimension that differentiates the products and services offeredby companies ". Coca-Col. Coca-Cola Company, given the concern of social awareness, has been inserted by creating corporate social responsibility strategies, aimed at preservation of environment and support for social causes.

Before Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies, Coca-Cola Company, several goals have been forged. The first is to use 99% of the material used in their containers are recycled material, to which, Coca-Cola Company is complying. In his goal, keep the avant-garde, Coca-Cola Company recognizes with this action and is inserted with the problem caused by plastic to the environment to the environment. “The marine medium is the most affected and its degradation is more harmful than on land. In addition, it receives the highest percentage of plastic waste. Between 2010 and 2013 scientists studying climate change in the oceans detected 5 islands formed by this material (2 in the Pacific, 2 in the Atlantic and 1 in the Indian). Consequently, ecosystem and species are threatened. The case of turtles and sea birds that have died from the plastic intake that causes them tangles, suffocation, strangulation or malnutrition ”Coppini (2019). Before that reality, Coca-Cola Company maintains its commitment, to put its grain of sand to save the marine world and the atmosphere. But its main goal is to reduce 2,500 tons of plastics by 2025. It is certainly a great goal and as a marketing strategy it is perfect. According to the cybernetic portal www.Cocacolaespana.It is, “we are going to reduce 2500 tons of plastic before 2025. Although you may see it clearer if we tell you that this is the equivalent of nothing less than 125 million plastic bags.”If it is not enough, Coca-Cola Company undertakes that their containers will have 50% of the recycled material for 2020. This marketing strategy is aimed at Spanish and European consumers, but not for Puerto Rican consumers. It is obviously that in Spanish society there is a growing mentality of environmental protection and the use of plastic, Ques has led Coca-Cola Company to gather social responsibility strategies, to impact Spanish society and the world and thus workIn the mentality of its consumers, showing interest in solving the environmental problem. Another goal that Coca-Cola Company has in Spain is to return all the water that contains its drinks. According to the www portal.Cocacolaespana.It is, “more than 3.000 million liters of water returned to nature in 2018. We collaborate with projects linked to environmental protection such as water recovery and protection of our rivers and wetlands in areas of water stress … Our sustainable citrus initiative seeks to reduce the use of water and fertilizers with implementation of irrigation mechanismsand farmers’ awareness. Thus, in 2025, 100% of our main ingredients of agricultural origin will be sustainable ”. Coca-Cola Company has an aggressive campaign, with a total of 10 projects throughout Spain. Some of them are: recovery of natural sources in the city of Burgos, during 2018-2019;Sustainable reforestation in the city of Teruel, between 2015 and 2018;The restoration of Albufera’s wetlands of Valencia, during 2013-2016, among others. Coca-Cola Company has reduced its CO₂ emissions by 45% and to combat global warming and reduce gases that cause greenhouse effect, and CO₂ is one of them. There is no doubt that with these social responsibility strategies, Coca-Cola Company wishes to impact, contribute, sensitize the importance of environmental care. According to its portal in www.Cocacolaespana.It is, Coca-Cola Company has how slogan: “There is much to go, we will not stop until we get it. Let’s work together".

As for Puerto Rico, its social responsibility strategies does not go, in the direction of the environment, according to its Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers subsidiary, on its WWW, the support it offers is to nonprofit organizations, so that these organizations can continue giving services to the community in Puerto Rico. The motto of Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers is: “In Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers we assume leadership with passion and enthusiasm. We are constantly working as a team to leave traces in our communities, to support corporate social responsibility efforts, focused on improving the lives of the people we serve. We join together to strengthen, promote and improve the social welfare of our communities. We believe in sharing our blessings with those who are less fortunate, we contribute to making our company and our country a better place ”. There is no doubt, that Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers has assumed a role per asset of defense and contribution to beneficial causes and has been involved in fund collection events such as: Embleco Day for the benefit of being from Puerto Rico, gives a day2016 For the benefit of United Way and Hogar Santa Maria de los Angeles, INC, World Diabeties Day for the benefit of the Pediatric Diabetes Foundation, walking through your hero for the benefit of facing the Alzheimer’s, INC, INC, among others. But its biggest commitment is when a disaster occurs, Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers always says present. One of his contributions was to send supplies to those affected by the earthquake of January 7, 2020 in Guanica. Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers did not settle for that, but gave the extra mile to donaccording to Department of Education (DE), according to the www

There is no doubt that these corporate social responsibility strategies help the social brand of Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola Company has established a social impact image, before the eyes of before the eyes of its consumers, who will feel compromised, giving their support and recommendation. Coca-Cola Company feels a iron commitment to contributing to the environment and in support of social welfare to the most needy.


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