Cobh In Ireland And Its Story Related To Titanic

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COBH in Ireland and its story related to Titanic


Cobh is a port city located on the southern coast of Ireland. Its port is well known, not so much for being a starting point of more than two and a half million people to the United States in search of a better life, but for being the last port of which the Titanic sailed.

It is a city with many things to see, but, the main tourist attraction is related to the tragic history of Titanic;especially after the success of James Cameron’s film from 1997. Do you feel like knowing a little more about this city and knowing what options exist to know the history of the mythical transatlantic?



Why did Cobh’s Titanic split?

The city of Cobh has the second largest natural port in the world. As you can imagine, this made this city always closely linked to maritime life. In addition, his position made him a strategic place for the British crown, especially during the war with France and the rest of the continent.

The characteristics of the port allowed to house the large steamboats that since the 19th century began to cross the seas. Moreover, from this port the Sirius departed, the first steam vessel that made a transatlantic trip with passengers. This was in 1838.

In this way, the Port of Cobh became the exit door of the more than two and a half million people who, throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century, left their land to seek a better life in the American continent. Also, it must be said that from this port the prisoners left to the penitentiaries that the English had overseas, especially Australia.

It is for this reason that, on April 11, 1912, the city of Cobh, then called Queenstown, was the port where Titanic made its last scale.  The transatlantic arrived at 11:30 in the morning. It only remained two hours in the port to embark 113 third -class passengers, seven and three first. In turn, seven passengers and a crew member were raised.

One of these lucky ones was Father Francis Browne who with his camera took more than 1000 snapshots of the ship. These photographs became world famous. Finally, the ship sailed at 1:30 p.m.206 people on board. They only had three days of journey when the ship crashed into an iceberg. The collision caused serious damage to the structure of the ship which ended in the depths of the Atlantic.517 people.


Despite the tragic of the sinking episode, the city of Cobh knew how to take advantage of the fame of this story turning its port into a tourist claim. Titanic Experience is an example of this. It is a tour that will allow you to know the history of the 123 Cobh passengers who undertook the fatal trip to New York.

The trip begins in the building where the original offices of the company White Star Line were located. There, the participants will receive their boarding card for the Titanic dated April 11, 1912 with the name of one of the passengers who embarked on Queenstown. Throughout the route of about 30 minutes he will know the original spring, known as Heartbreak Pier, in which the Titanic touched the earth for the last time. He will also experience what life was like transatlantic and will know the living conditions of third and first class passengers.

In turn, through a film experience we want to simulate sinking and transfer tourists to those moments of cold and anguish. After this simulation they will be able to expand the information about how sinking occurred as well as how the rescue tasks of the RMS Carpathia were. Finally, they will have the opportunity to know what was the destination of the passenger that represents to be as well as the other 122 that embarked on Cobh.

There are other places where similar experiences are offered based on the history of this ship, but I am convinced that reviving that moment at the last point where the ship made the ship, will magnify the experience.

Titanic will allow you to know a beautiful port city

If they decide to undertake the trip to Cobh to learn more about the history of Titanic know that they will also have the opportunity to learn a greatly beautiful city. In the city the neo -Gothic cathedral stands out. It is a construction that not only stands out for being the highest in Ireland but because it contrasts with the colorful houses that surround it.

And, is that Cobh retains that peculiarity that many port towns or cities have to paint the facades with striking colors. Precisely, another attractions of the town is the Old Street and West View. They are two parallel streets of pronounced slope composed of rows of perfectly aligned multicolored houses.

Obviously, the port is another of the points of interest of this town;both for its history and for the views it offers to the colorful houses of the city. In different parts of the town monuments or statues are built that remind visitors the importance that their port had in history. The titanic memory monument is one of them.

There is also the statue of Annie Moore and her brothers. A representation of the millions of travelers who undertook their march in search of a better life. Another is the memorial to Lusitania located in Casement Square. Lusitania was a transatlantic sunk by German forces during World War I.


The ship took only 18 minutes to sink. But, thanks to the efforts of Cobh’s sailors and shipping companies, they managed to save 762 passengers. Of the 1.197 deaths managed to recover the body of 289. Many of these could not be identified and buried them in the Cemetery of Old Church.

Ireland is a fabulous country. There are many places to visit, many different edges of their culture that deserve to be known. We know that trips, normally, have a time limit, but, if they have it they take the opportunity to make an escape south of the island to learn a little more one of the most popular tragic stories of the twentieth century.

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