Climate Change, Phenomenon Caused By The Increase In Temperatures

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Climate change, phenomenon caused by the increase in temperatures

Climate change is a phenomenon caused by the increase in temperature at a global level, this occurs dueknown is carbon dioxide or CO₂, which, although it is the most produced and the one with the most production sources, being even expelled in the breathing processes of living beings, there are more gases that are even more harmful even ifThey find to a lesser extent, between these, methane (CH4) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) stand out (SO2).

These gases in recent centuries have been produced in excessive, unnatural proportions, causing the increase in gases in the atmosphere to increase, thus heating the earth greatly, the beginning of this phenomenon is mainly attributed to the industrial revolution, although beforeOf this, there were more revolutions, some of which imply activities that produce gases such as methane in large quantities such as the livestock industry. Therefore, it can be affirmed that climate change, consistent with global warming, presented in the last 2 centuries, is because of human activities, since the speed at which this change has been manifested is not precedent among climatic changesthat the land has suffered previously, caused naturally, but requiring millions of years to present.

Although there are currently several theses that go against this phenomenon and its presence today, its effects on Earth in recent years are irrefutable, the increase in sea levels, tsunamis and hurricanes increasingly frequent and devastating, death of ecosystems and their species, in short, a whole series of consequences because of this situation.

Global warming can be avoided by reducing the production of the gases that cause it, although this, as already mentioned, from the industrial revolution has become a very difficult task and although some triumphs have been perpetrated, such as the withdrawal of theLead in gasoline and paintings in the 70’s or the withdrawal of chlorofluorocarbon gases in spray products, the same fate has been had with other products such as oil and its derivatives, large producers of CO₂, theMeat in the livestock industry, which produces large amounts of methane, or some mining items that leave strong toxic spots in sulfur dioxide air.

However, due to the situation of the planet and the increasingLast decades, having great advances in energy matters, such as the means of transport promoted by electricity, by hydrogen, by solar energy and even by wind energy, which are fed in turn, in the case of the electric cars, by energy obtainedThrough equally renewable energies. In terms of products, we work on the creation of alternative products to plastic to replace their profits, such as waxed cardboard or containers made of glass, metal or organic waste processed.

There are also some other technologies that will be of great help, such as photovoltaic painting, solar windows, nuclear fission, antimatter, graphene, etc. Although for these we still have to wait for its production to be done in maza and live its benefits to humanity.

For now, the lifestyle and consumption habits of each person would make a big difference and help to reduce global warming to a large extent. It is also important.

Stoic philosophy is that I would like to analyze this problem, it seems very complete, since it focuses on different aspects of the existence of being and the universe, giving it very relative nuances, attending to various points of view and being something partial, althoughYes, very radical in the description of your wise men.

In addition, this theory adapts greatly to many other current theories, its influence on these theories being clear.

Under this theory the problem of global warming would be attended immediately, since, although it recognizes that the universe is foreign to our well -being, it also puts as a cornering stone human ethics, and would be from this point with which the trying to change thebehavior of society and its individuals in favor of the decrease in global warming, carrying out actions such as those mentioned above or contributing to the development of the mentioned technologies.

Finally, I want to add that this project has seemed something simple to do, since it is an issue that pleases me a lot, in addition to the knowledge of good sources before, I hope to continue knowing more about this topic, in addition to specifying aproject that had long had about the creation of a series of videos dedicated to this problem and pollution in general.


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