Climate Change And What Causes It

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Climate change and what causes it

Nowadays there are no doubt, greenhouse gases are changing the weather, although it can be somewhat complex to understand how much to what extent. On the one hand, we have a group that tells us that we are totally guilty and another group that says that we are not responsible for absolutely nothing. It is normal to feel confused and not know who to finally believe, since both groups can be defending a position based on their own or ideological good. That is why data fully supported by IPCC reports, the “Dream Team” of specialist scientists in climate change to try to answer the following question will be presented below: Are we really guilty of climate change?

The average global temperature is increasing, in the last 150 years a considerable rise has been seen, which has been measured very thoroughly. This type of global scale variation is a fact, although today many could ask ourselves what it causes exactly.

The notorious rise of the global temperature average throws us a curious fact, fits precisely with the period in which as humanity we begin to combustion coal, natural gas and oil hugely to feed civilization to civilization. This process releases carbon atoms, which when mixed with the oxygen from the air form the famous carbon dioxide. That said, if the co₂ rises and the temperature rises, clearly we are the guilty or not?

That both events happen at the same time does not mean that they are necessarily related. Although this particular event has the quality of being studied to the extent of hundreds of thousands of years, in which it has been appreciated that the temperature in glacial periods went down and in the non -glacial. In addition, the relationship between carbon dioxide and the temperature is very close due to the aforementioned greenhouse effect, where CO₂ molecules next to methane are experts in catching infrared light emitted by the Earth and in that process the molecules "vibrate" With this energy increasing temperature.

Anyway, we are not necessarily the villains of the film, this can happen due to multiple factors. After all, our planet is immense, so we could point guilty both within the Earth, and outside of this.

The movement of our planet in orbit of the Sun is very varied, this not only revolves around the star, but makes a trajectory in the form of ellipse in addition to having an inclined axis, who is responsible for our stations of the year. It happens that there are more more complex movements, which are fundamental in the study of climate change because they are responsible for great glaciations of the last million years. Unfortunately for us, this theory cannot be called as the culprit for a simple reason: the period of time in which these variations occur is very wide, are hundreds of thousands of years to complete cycles, which is absurdly huge for a problem that has been raised in these last 150 years. Which represents a total disagreement in our time scale.

We could point to the Sun, which is the main source of energy on which we depend and small variations in their solar activity have direct consequences in the climate on Earth. Our star also has cycles, periods where its emission of light varies. The larger cycle and, therefore, the one that most attract us attention to develop the question, occurs “in approximate spaces to 200 years or less” (Space Science Magazine 23-24). These cyclic intensity variations are believed to be responsible for small ice ages that have occurred over the years. It is a curious fact, but in turn alarming, because according to a study published by the Magazine Space Sciences we should already be witnessing one of those cold stages at this time. It is clearly contradictory because not only the average global temperature has not dropped, but is even increasing.

With this, the sun is discarded from the list of possible culprits and we stayed with a worrying reflection in the future. Now the solar cycle is on our side, but we do not know exactly that it will happen when it is no longer and begins its period of greatest activity.

Discarding external factors, we could start blaming internal factors on the planet. It is proven that plants also release carbon dioxide and it is undeniable that the Earth has an abundant volcanic activity in certain specific areas, mostly within the limits of tectonic plates. There are even records that certain volcano ras. With this, can these internal factors be the true culprits? The key to developing this question is in carbon and its different structures.

There are 3 carbon isotopes: carbon 12, carbon 13 and carbon 14, of which the first is the most abundant in plants. In the studio of Ferran P. Villar (2010), the composition of CO₂ was analyzed in the atmosphere and these different isotopes were differentiated, and that is where it was found that carbon 12 is the most abundant to be the most stable and its proportion in the atmosphere is increasing. That increases to the volcanoes, because if they were these there would be no variation. Instead, living animals and beings consume carbon 14 when feeding, but this being unstable disintegrates in a period of time. Therefore, the absence of carbon 14 in the atmosphere means that the CO₂ is formed of dead living beings hundreds of thousands of years, sufficient time in which its carbon 14 disintegrated and is now returned to the atmosphere in the most isotope stable, when combustion.

Unfortunately the evidence point to a specific culprit. The factors analyzed, no matter how far away some could be, are real examples that denialists use to take responsibility, not take action or even for personal good (continue exploiting). While the world has evolved in clean energy issues, there are still many irregularities of control in large production companies and lack of awareness of a situation that is critical now and of which little by little we are feeling today their repercussions that A few years ago they looked distant.

However, not everything is lost. There are and basically options are summarized in two paths: take action, or simply do nothing about it. But we must choose very carefully, because if we decide not to take action and let everything that happens and the future is as horrible as studies predict, we will be possibly staggering at the edge of extinction. Now although we do the first, and we take action, that hard future that is almost inevitable. On the other hand, if we are superoptimistas and nothing happens in the future and we continue with the exploitation routine, it will be a matter of time before another similar problem occurs such as, for example, pollution. Now, if we take action anyway we will have evolved as a humanity towards a future of new renewable and clean technologies, being aware of the planet and our environment, which ultimately is to win anyway.

The decision is ours, the decision is yours. 

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