Climate Change And How It Affects Whales

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Climate change and how it affects whales


It is well known that climate change affects the entire planet, we know its effect on Earth and the oceans, the latter will be the object of study of this work, how does the climate affect the oceans and the animals that live in them? More specifically, to whales, scientific evidence points out that global warming decreases and/or restricts if not all, most habitats of whale species, in polar regions the consequences are even more significant, since they are theregions where the effects associated with climate change are most dramatically manifested.


Today, man -produced pollution is changing the weather much faster than at any other time in the past, the disappearance of coral reefs in the sea of Baja California, we realize that these factors affect reproductionand whale survival. As for migration, the whales are changing their migratory routes due to the increase in temperature caused by the contamination of man who generates a wear in the weather, it is known that he is in a long and gradual change, but if he continues in this way, it is estimated that in a period of 50-60 years some species of whales change their migration route definitively.

To carry out this work, an investigation was carried out in order to know: the effects of climate change in the migrations of the whales and this as affects the different ecosystems that surround them, it is important to know this, since having aChange in its immigration route, for the slightest one, will affect the rest of the species, more specifically in the food chain, this also affects people, since by changing their immigration route some places specialized in tourism will be seenseriously affected, since whales will take another more enjoyable path for their survival and upbringing.

“This is the question of climate change, here what happens is that the temperature of marine water is increasing and this results in the species that like the waters that go from temperate to cold, when they heat up, they remain moreto the north where they are colder, and the species that tropical waters like can travel further than they like."What we expect with climate change is a rearrangement in the distribution of different species and within this rearrangeIt has cold waters.

Why the change so abrupt in temperature? The impacts of climate change on the planet are very diverse and obvious, and that is why we cannot continue without doing anything but to counteract, at least to reduce the damage that we are causing to the planet such as the melting of ice, heat waves that are more intense and strong every day, droughts, torrential rains etc. The main cause of temperature increase is human activities in industrialization, I know: burning fossil fuels, deforestation, the use of pesticides in agriculture.


All that together has led to accumulating a really worrying greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The world is experiencing climate change as a result of the use of energy and fuel hydrocarbons, substance emissions that reduce the ozone layer and excessive desertification and deforestation. As a consequence, the ambient temperature will rise 1 ° -3.5 ° C, the ice of the poles will be melted, the sea level will rise between 15 and 95 cm and the coastal plains and shallow regions will be sink, in addition to an increase in the frequency and speed of the storms and the occurrence of fluctuationsExtreme seasoning in local climates. 

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