Climate Change And Abnormal Climate Variations

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Climate change and abnormal climate variations


“Climate change is any significant long -term change in the expected patterns of the average climate of a region (or all the earth) for a significant period of time. Climate change is abnormal climate variations and the effects of these variations in other parts of the earth." 


Natural causes:

  • Tectonic plates
  • Volcanic activity
  • Variations in the orbit of the earth
  • Solar variability

Anthropological causes:

  • Excessive emissions of greenhouses such as methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide etc.
  • Deforestation
  • Gas, oil and coal combustion
  • Livestock development


The consequences of climate change can be disastrous, the thaw, the rise in the sea level, “in some regions the extreme meteorological phenomena and the floods are increasingly frequent, and in others there are waves of heat and droughts." 

The thaw and rise of sea level:

Climate change and global warming are causing the thaw of the polar layers and this is causing the sea level rise, a very serious problem, the results of the sea level rise could be catastrophic such as floods of the coast, the increaseThe size of the waves, dangerous hurricanes, pollution of our drinking water and many more.

Energy frame:

Today we are using two types of energies, renewable and non -renewable.

Renewables are the types of energy that are not limited and natural and everything we want can be used, non -renewable are energies that are limited and cannot depend on them forever. Today most of our energy is non -renewable and we need to look for other cleaner and not so limited methods.

Global energy consumption in 2014:

  • Oil: 32.89 %
  • Coal: 29.16 %
  • Natural gas: 23.40 %
  • Hydroelectric: 6.78 %
  • Nuclear energy: 4.43 %
  • Wind: 1.45 %
  • Solar energy: 0.43 %
  • Biofurants or biofuels: 0.57 %

Political Framework:

Governments are now looking for cleaner and more efficient energy due to the drastic increase in temperature on earth. There are politicians who do not believe in climate change and are not doing anything on the matter. Other countries like France are completely investing in clean and renewable energy for the future. Recent England announced that they had used more renewable energy than not renewable for the first time in the history of England and are trying to cut carbon emissions to 0 before 2050

The countries that pollute more in the world in 2019:

  • China (30%)
  • United States (15%)
  • India (7%)
  • Russia (5%)
  • Japan (4%)

State Framework:

How global warming will affect Spain?

Spain is at the risk of extreme flood that will not only affect Spain, but also tourism, one of the largest industries in parts of Spain, the increase in extreme temperatures and heat waves, agriculture and wine industry is at risk and thehealth well -being of the people of Spain;In 2015 they did a study and declared that Spain was one of the most polluted countries, the population of Spain is at the risk of more lung diseases. Many of these consequences are already in effect and can already be noticed and the population is affecting.

"Air pollution levels in Barcelona. According to the latest reports, Spain is one of the five worst pollutants of ozone in the world, and one of the furthest to comply with the protocols on greenhouse gas emissions established by the Kyoto agreement. … the worst are Madrid, Seville, Valencia and Barcelona." 


Throughout this project I have informed myself a lot about climate change, I do not know if we are going to change soon, but with the social average and all the pressure to change our habits, something will change soon. I think you have to start down the consumption of coal immediately and change our coal dependence. Although renewable energy is very large and is becoming fashionable, I think the future is in nuclear energy. It is more efficient than renewable energies and does not emit carbon in any way, the only thing that nuclear energy is wrong is that you have to have the nuclear and radioactive remains either and effectively or it could be very dangerous. But if we do it correctly I think I could solve many problems. An example is that France is investing in solar and wind energy and Germany is investing in nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy has been proven more effective and much cheaper. We also think that nuclear energy could be more dangerous and that it has already killed many in disasters such as Chernobyl or Fukushima, but it has really killed much less than the pollution that comes from contaminated air

“Compared to nuclear energy, coal is responsible for five times more deaths of accidents due to accidents, 470 times more deaths due to air pollution between members of the public and more than 1,000 times the amount of cases of serious diseases,According to a study of the effects on the health of electricity generation in Europe ” 

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