Cleopatra’S Family Dysfunctionality

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Cleopatra’s family dysfunctionality


Dysfunctional families exist since many centuries ago, what we see now is nothing new, since this is a problem that has been developing centuries;At present, no change of the concept that leads a family to be dysfunctional is observed, more if to the factors that lead to being a dysfunctional family. A clear example of this phenomenon is the queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, known for its deadly end, its bloody start and the triggered family drama. 


After the death of his father, Cleopatra’s younger brother, Ptolemy XIII, inherited the throne. Despite his wishes and against his will he was forced to marry him. Endogamy being a way in which real families maintained power. But Cleopatra’s ambitions represented a threat to him, so he exiled her. Cleopatra allied with Julio César, taking up the throne with his other younger brother, Ptolemy XIV, who died later and historians think that Cleopatra poisoned him. 

It is believed that he ordered to kill his other sister Arsínoe IV in 141 to.C. Currently, every day we can observe in newspapers and news, heads of theft, violence, drug addiction, homicides among other types of crimes. Each and every one of these evils result in highly harmful problems for our society. Usually with causes ranging from unemployment, to family disintegration. In all this problem, our priority is the family.

But why is the family so important in this whole matter? Since childhood, this phrase of “family, the basis of society” is of popular knowledge as this phrase says, it is in the family that the individual is formed in values and principles that in the end, of being satisfactory, will result inan individual who fully supports society. A healthy or functional family is one that has a flexible structure, it is able to modify its interrelation patterns.

Adapt to changes and assume new functions in correspondence with the evolution of the life cycle. As can be seen, according to the author, the family as such must be flexible and harmonious, and that the parents being the first and authentic educators, will be those that as the children grow, guide and properly guide the actions and actions and the actions andHome behaviors. It is essential that the young infant or adult is in a family environment that is cozy and favorable.


In order to develop in an adult and young man with self-confident. On the other hand, the concept as such a dysfunctional family has not been taken seriously, until recent decades, demonstrating that this problem of intrafamily relationships, put the future of children at risk and will have unfavorable consequences in society.  

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