Classic Works Adapted For Children

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Classic works adapted for children

The language and expressions that sometimes use those that have become great works of literature can be complex for the little ones in the house.

However, so that both older and small can know and enjoy these classic works, children’s publishers have decided to adapt these jewels so that through the simplest illustrations and dialogues children can also read them also.

The background and the importance of the work continues to remain in these classic works adapted for children but with everything necessary for its simple understanding.

Over the years and even the centuries literature has been showing readers great works that have survived over time so you dare to know some of the works you can show your children? Then we show them.

Classic works adapted for children

The Lazarillo de Tormes

Vicens Vives is one of the publishers who has long opted for the classic works adapted for children.

In one of the works that made this adaptation is the one that has as the protagonist a small child and a blind man. ‘El Lazarillo de Tormes’ is considered the work with which a type of novel that would later reach libraries is started or begins to show: the picaresque novel.

The importance of always saying the truth and the survival instinct against all events are the values shown in this book also located in the beautiful city of Salamanca.

Don Quijote of La Mancha

If we had to choose a classic work of Spanish literature of all time, without a doubt we would all come to mind that story surrounded by mills and with some somewhat peculiar protagonists.

Despite the language so careful and sometimes complex of this work, the adaptations of this book will enchant and have fun to the little ones in the house since they will show the fun and crazy adventures of Alonso Quijano and his faithful squire Sancho Panza.

A perfect book to work in the classroom using different chapters of history that will help the little ones to develop their creativity more when imagining the adventures of the protagonists.

Being a work of recognized world prestige, there are many adaptations of different publishers that have emerged from this classic: SM, Vicens Vives, Anaya or La Galera among others. Use the most adapted for the age of children because they all become fun tools to foster reading in children.

My first little prince

‘The Little Prince’ is one of the most recognized classic works worldwide and which is recommended for children.

However, reading this work among the smallest public does not usually like due to the great psychological and philosophical transfund that the development of history contains.

For this reason and for children to enjoy this wonderful work since childhood and be able to understand other aspects when they are adults, the Bruño publishing house has made a version adapted to a simpler language.

Ana Frank’s diary

Translated to more than 70 different languages, Ana Frank and her newspaper are known worldwide. Unfortunately its importance lies in the difficult moments that the Jews lived during the Holocaust.

In this newspaper children can know, always adapted to their age, the nothing simple life of Ana Frank, all her family and all the Jews who had to leave their homes and their life.

The Iliad and the Odyssey

If your child loves stories related to history, wars and crossings, there will be no better classic works adapted for children than these two.

Both written by the Greek poet Homer and adapted by the Vicens Vivens publishing house will show the little ones the poem of the oldest Western literature in the world as is the ileized and the adventures of the journey in the Odyssey.

A fantastic way to bring history closer in a simple and very educational way.   

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