Classic Ana Frank’S Newspaper

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Classic Ana Frank’s newspaper


Ana Frank is a whole literature classic for many years. It is also an apt book for both the adult and the youngest public, because depending on the stage of life in which one can learn from it or others. We explain the reasons why Ana Frank should be recommended, never mandatory, in the life of a child or adolescent. A hard and overwhelming testimony of a Jewish girl at the time of the Holocaust. Thus you can summarize the fascinating story that Ana Frank hides among its pages. 


The story takes place between 1942 and 1944 until the moment she and her family are sent to the concentration camps where in 1945 Ana dies of typhoid fever days before the release of the field. Few books exist in the literature that shows the facts surrounding a war from the eyes of children and understanding that despite all of them are not oblivious to events. A book that also shows all those that children must suffer and live because of the political conflicts that arose at that time and continue to emerge today despite being totally innocent.

Ana Frank, a fragment of history in the eyes of a girl. This newspaper written by a thirteen -year -old girl does not leave any reader who dares to know her ins and outs. As we have said before, depending on the age with which history can show a type of feelings or other. Undoubtedly children from eight years, recommended initial age for reading this book, will not be totally aware of the hardness and the real that this part of the story was. The main reason is that for the little ones virtually any event before a few months ago is very old.

However, despite this, it is a great book so that the youngest know this historical fact so important also seen through the eyes of a girl. Ana Frank as a pedagogical tool. Ana Frank’s diary is a very good pedagogical tool to use in schools, because in addition to discovering what we have already mentioned previously about history, they will serve them to compare the life that they currently have with thethat the protagonist of this newspaper had to live. 

This classic work is a good option to give an example in classrooms to encourage writing. The example lies in the protagonist of the story, which at first was not very convinced to start telling its story. We must transmit to children the importance of writing about anything that seems important or even that which is not so much, because we never know if that writing can become a worldwide classic of literature as in this case.

This book provides very important values that all young people should know and apply

  • The importance of people’s rights
  • Learning to share
  • The value of the family
  • Hope above anything in life


In each Ana newspaper entry everything you feel based on the events that arise around them and one of the values that also shows the brave protagonist is gender equality. Aspects such as Peace, freedom together with the hope of which we were previously spoken. A spectacular book that will remain an icon of literature despite the passage of time, as it will always show an important part of the story. Ana’s way of writing, because she is still a girl, will be simple and understandable by those of the same age, those she will hook with her story and to whom she will reflect at the end of this.  

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