Civilization And Evolution Today

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Civilization and evolution today


Society evolves day by day, interests change and people with it too. In this way I mean that today youth is stagnant because it does not have the necessary tools to capture the attention of young people. Technology has become an inseparable part of the social, labor and recreational life of people. Communication by text messages, activities organized through social networks and the possibility of following the favorite programs on the screen of a computer are already part of the routine in a high percentage of homes, at least in those in which the level of income allows access to these goods. 


Young people no longer want to change society, but to cut it so that it accepts them. Young people, despite the fact that the study deals. In fact, the profile of which is independent corresponds to that of a person with stable and well -paid work. The average age in which the family domicile is abandoned has increased to 28 years. But access to the labor market is not easy, and that is why young people value the policies that grant scholarships that allow continuous training in a very positive way. 

In this way we notice the conformism and the minimum effort in young people, making this generation "equal", and this is where we ask ourselves why? Because youth is waiting for us to do something for them, in this way encouraging conformism and making young people cannot see their abilities or talents. Culture has always been a way of entertaining the same as learning, but since the appearance of globalization, new distraction ways have emerged that have competed with what we call cultures. This is why culture has been put aside.

And young people prefer new ways to entertain themselves out of what they are accustomed to seeing. According to Mario Vargas Llosa, he describes “the civilization of the show” as: a world where the current value is entertainment, where to have fun and escape from boredom is the greatest passion. How is our scale of values ​​to measure the reality of our current world? We cannot deny that we are subject to generalized degradation in terms of the quality of life, both moral and ecological and social, without excluding the ecclesiastical. Sexual liberality and free love dominate in new generations of young people. 

Citizen security has disappeared, and crime, along with drug addiction and moral liberality, is leading to the country and leading it to a total decay in its traditional values. The analysis of these principles, which I will call "antivalores", contains an approach to the phenomena of degradation that our humanity suffers, which is prepared for the advent of the antichrist, creating a "new world order" with "globalized" behavior values, and a principle of social fusion that will force many true Christians to abandon their traditional values, to give entry to what we could define as "the new order of values".

Behind this deterioration is a strategy of what will be the dominant belief in recent times; the new age". This movement will infiltrate all the spheres of social life, having influences within the various existing churches, including evangelical and fundamentalist groups. His concepts of "new thought", with spiritual and cosmic mixture, which is being accepted by modern psychological currents are already in the process of execution. It is claimed that there are currently more than 500 million followers of the new era, and they are working on the infiltration of this current in all areas of society, it spreads quickly.


Trying to restore traditional values, in a world in the process of degradation will be the causes for which many Christians will be persecuted by the diabolical hosts, as announced by the biblical texts. We are aware that the influences of anti-values ​​will force many churches and preachers to reduce their schemes of values, to adjust to the new prevailing currents in today’s world. When focusing this theme, I will begin by defining the values ​​governing household destinies, and what is the Christian principle? Then we will look for the negative factor of the antivalores, their causes and effects on our socio-family reality. 

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