Civil Counter-Disobediences And Their Distortment

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Civil counter-disobediences and their distortment


Civil disobedience is a legal concept associated with disagreement and protest against law"Non -violent, conscious and political public act, contrary to the law, usually committed with the purpose of causing a change in the law or in government programs" this can be seen in numerous examples throughout history as the strugglefor civil rights by the African -American population throughout the twentieth century or the struggle of the suffragists in order for the American female population to achieve the right to vote. 

These multiple cases of civil disobedience have achieved that the vision of public opinion about this concept is seen as a kind of "David against Goliath", or rebellion against tyranny established in certain legal laws or norms that violate civil rightsand population freedoms.

This vision of society about civil disobedience is not really negative. Put as previously exposed to the multiple cases of civil disobedience throughout history, exactly the previously reflected principles have been adjusted. The problem comes when using the concept of civil disobedience, to justify the disguise of norms with the intention of achieving a certain political purpose. These cases of alleged civil disobedience, to which from now on I will refer with the name of "civil counter-discovery" have the tendency to resort to the concept of civil disobedience and multiple manifestations throughout history, in order tojustify your protest. But after carrying out an analysis about cases of civil disobedience throughout history, and the cases of "civil counter-discourse", we find great differences between these. Probably, the most decisive that we can find is the way of exercising this disobedience, since civil disobedience so that it is civil must be exercised by peaceful means and without resorting or making use of violence, something that historical cases of civil disobedienceThey comply with Rajatabla, being the Indian Independence Movement led by Mahatma Ghandi their greatest exponent.

This characteristic is complicated to find it in the current cases of alleged civil disobedience since it canCivil disobedience.  

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