Citizen Hand Justice: Act Correctly Before An Assault

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Citizen Hand Justice: Act correctly before an assault

Divided opinions: they are heroes, the thief is now the victim, what is a fact is that they reflect citizen feeling.

After the video of the combi thief was published where passengers give him tremendous beat the thief who wantedorgan asks for justice and punishment to passengers who beat him.

Even in networks there are also false photos of the combi passengers celebrating within it having hit the assailant. What is a fact is that this video fired recent and past samples where citizens do justice by their own hand and with it, it detonated recent actions so that more acts of citizen justice occur in the same week:

On August 3 at the Mayor’s Office of Xochimilco, on peripheral at the height of the plant market of the Cuemanco Canal, several men hit one that is accused of stealing plants in the company of another person who could flee from the place. It looks as they download in all their fury and anger leaving it very badly injured on the asphalt that someone has to withdraw it by carrying the passage of cars, a woman who presence asks them to leave him alone and allow the patrols to take care and take overis that there is so much collective discomfort, that even with one they hit the back to the alleged thief.

Two days later in Iztapalapa, Jordan, 17 yearsHe communicated with the authorities while the minor tried to escape, the neighbors noticed the events and went to stop the thief and hit him among all, including the victims of the assault. When the authorities arrived, they took the hospital to the suspect to serve the injuries that were not seriously.

On the same day, August 5, the video of a beating was released to Francisco Arnaldo “N”, by the neighbors of the Atlanta neighborhood in Tlalnepantla. They found the offender trying to steal an Italika Model F125 motorcycle, they stopped him between several passersby and the victim and began kicking him. Francisco, 25, became a ball on the floor and began to cry asking not to be hit, the neighbors threatened to throw gasoline to set fire and have the consequences to be stealing. Minutes later, a municipal patrol of Cuautitlán Izcalli arrived to take the thief and quickly process the Barrientos prison after being guilty of robbery with violence, in his normal road income and without presenting apparent injuries.

The combi thief has also been speculated that he has died, but no, it is the offender linked to the assault of a house also in the Iztapalapa delegation on 9th Street, Colonia Renovation, on July 31, the man along withOther criminals entered the house threatening 3 women, while committing the assault, one of the inhabitants of the home came to those who received with a shot wounding it in the leg, neighbors heard the detonation so they ran to assist, they managed to catch this man whomThey also hit until the police arrived, they took him to the hospital where he later lost his life.

An active police officer of the Security Corps of the State of Mexico (quasem) aboard a bus that circulated on the Mexico – Puebla highway, in the Tlahuac City Hall, faced two criminals who began stripping the passengers of theirbelongings. In the crossfire, two passengers were injured and there were 3 dead, the two aggressors and the policeman who took them. Another officer who guarded the area where the shooting occurred, a driver who fled. The video was released this Friday, but the events occurred on June 24.

There is no doubt that citizens are tired of going through insecurity and crime and that when the security forces are insufficient doing their work, they will continue to give more samples like this, violence will never be the answer, but before an attack onlose your life itself, what is the correct answer? 

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