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How much can a means of communication influence?

Together with my group of the Policy subject, Professor José Luis González taught a class on how the media influenced politics, as well as how a public opinion was generated from them. A very interesting topic for us, Journalism 4 students. During that class he referred to the Black Mirror series which a few minutes later would visualize Chapter 1 of the first season called "National Anthem".

We were analyzing each part of the story. And at the end of the chapter Professor José Luis launched several questions about this, like some of our classmates.

To carry out this chronicle it was necessary to see the chapter again to understand everything our teacher wanted to explain to us during class. Therefore, during him we reviewed several times in those moments where the episode gets the viewer to become one more character. This is the main characteristic of the series, author Charlie Brooker, aims to put a mirror in front of reality so that we realize where we are going and the consequences of our sociological and technological advances.

During the second analysis of the chapter we realized several things. But something that struck us a lot was the big difference between ancient and current communication. Today social networks are marking a before and after in communication. Before we were much more traditional, communication was given in notes, letters or from mouth to mouth. Regarding this we can say that no one in our group has lived this type of communication more in depth, since we are part of the millennial generation and generation Z. Messenger, the Tuenti, we have even used the WhatsApp.


Today, this type of communication is not the best, since not only the physical image is promoted, but also the mental image, that is, that we know and that we do not think about one thing or another, that we support and thatNo, even we feel and not. All this causes that we show many times a "false" facet of ourselves, since it is an unreal representation and not reality.

But the interesting thing about this is not that, but in control, manipulation and massification of information by us. For that reason, before entering to deepen it, we would like to explain a little more about trying the chapter.

This was told by the kidnapping of Princess Sussannah, one of the most popular members of the British royal family. When this occurs, Prime Minister Michael Callow is informed of the situation, and becomes horrified to discover that the only requirement of the kidnapper to free her implies him. And you will ask what that requirement consisted of. Michael Callow had to maintain sex with a pig at the maximum audience schedule, that same afternoon. In the case of not being fulfilled, the princess would be killed. Upon learning of all this a search protocol was immediately carried out that involved the high politics, press and public opinion.

All this put him in a hurry, since the situation was quite difficult. What caused various agreements within politics. One of those agreements was that this information could not come to light until some solutions were found. But a serious problem occurred, the video he had received from the government filters on YouTube and in less than an hour, the video has more than hundreds of millions of visualizations.

When this occurs, both written and television media realize that they did not have this information. When the video was published they tried to verify the information, which consumers did not do. This is when public opinion begins to be generated.

Corroborating that information is correct or is not one of the most important characteristics of journalism. Their obligation is to contrast the information, get sources, etc. In the case of not a verification, the propagation of information can occur in a erroneous manner and with a yellowing point (pink press), without filters and banal accusations. That is, today there is freedom of information, therefore all citizens have the right to freedom of expression, however, we are not all ready to differentiate what information is good or bad, and to also disseminate that information. And, on the other hand, we are not ready to understand what is being talked about many times, therefore, we must not disseminate information which we do not understand.

Regarding all this and knowing what happened in the series, there was a boom of public opinion during this period of time, as we have been explaining previously. Callow’s wife repeatedly enters the different social networks to know what the people think, since her husband was being subjected to public opinion. A public opinion that changed in a matter of minutes as in real life. But what is public opinion? This is the tendency or preference, real or estimated, of a society or an individual towards social facts that report interest. Public opinion has been the dominant concept in what now seems to refer to political communication.

We know that today it is very sad in the society we live. That is, people when they know the news, knowing that the princess is kidnapped begins to get a series of conclusions, as well as a series of thoughts that propagate the closest people to them. Comments of all kinds are born from poor princess;they make fun of her;They are sad due to the situation she is living;They get angry both with politics and the royal house, since they are not acting in this situation. In conclusion, they have various reactions and most are without knowing reality.

As the chapter passed, the group commented that as citizens we would have done the same as the rest, put the social networks to observe that it was said, read the news or watch the television so that it will inform us at all times of what it washappening. However, as journalists we would have followed all the information of all media, we would have analyzed the events, just as it would have been necessary to contact sources of all kinds from street people and politicians.

All this regarding the princess, but another type of comments regarding the politician Michael, prime minister, were reiterated since there was a diversity of opinions.

In this case we could observe various thoughts. Some thought and considered that he was a hero, since in the end he decides to act and do what they proposed to save the princess. Acting in this way would later affect him and his environment, both in his public, physical and mental image. Knowing all this, from the first moment in which Michael himself is going to do it, everyone is aware, information chains do not disconnect the broadcast at any time and people express their opinion to allcoast. The "has to do it" and the "has no other alternative," invades social networks. It is obvious that many do not know how to react, they think from their point of view and not from the point of view of the protagonist.

Finally, after looking for all possible ways to solve the situation without reaching the animal intercourse. Michael is forced to perform the act in front of the cameras;The media and the world are expectant to the situation. Citizens gather in bars, in their homes, in their work and are excited about this event, an unusual event that will never be repeated.

Before the act began to society it seemed funny and entertaining. However, as the act goes by, it becomes unpleasant. To all this, the princess was released long before all this began, in fact, the kidnapper decides to commit suicide after liberating her. The kidnapper managed to capture the attention of the whole society and the media were the causes of all that public opinion creation, since if the issue would not have been issued.

A few months later the president won many more botos and support for the heroic act (for some) he had made.

At the end of the reproduction of the chapter in class Professor José Luis launched a question: who would have seen television during the intercourse? The answers was surprising, since the answers were quite similar. Obviously most said yes.


But as a conclusion, that people learned when they saw all this. Any. This is the big problem. We arrive home at the end of the day and we have always set for something new, although we do not believe it, however, we publish everything that interests us. We express our opinions on topics that are in great boom such as when there is an attack. Topics that are fine, but we must learn, we must read, listen, compare, we must cultivate our mind to transmit a good content. And not fall into junk content. There is a lot of travel until we got there, but we should start by knowing the limits that exist in freedom of expression and empathizing with society.

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