Children’S Theatrical Performances For The Development Of Self – Esteem

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Children’s theatrical performances for the development of self – esteem


My experience as an initial education teacher has allowed me to observe how children have a lot of difficulty express enjoy those.

From classical antiquity to the present there have been many authors who have shown interest in the participation of the little ones in the theater. Plato and Esquilo defended the importance of child expression and the participation of children in the various manifestations of their culture. In the 16th and 17th centuries, children were introduced in Spanish comedy companies. And they are Jacinto Benavente and Eduardo Marquina who introduced a true theater for children in Spain at the beginning of the 19th century. Valle-Inclán also wrote works for children.

During my years as a student, theatrical performances at school were part of our learning. Christmas theater works, small representations in the commemoration of an important day, end -of -year functions, etc. They were common in each school year but only for the mere fact of presenting an artistic number leaving aside the positive contributions that this activity represents for the integral development of the child. My interest in this issue was born from the fact that children have a great need to express themselves. Most infants who go to our schools today are immersed in a reality in which everything goes fast and there are always a hurry.

On the other hand, the game must be part of the growth and maturation process of our children. The theater can become a game, a powerful strategy to experience sensations, put themselves instead of the other, communicate feelings, ideas, emotions, acquire self-confidence, accept and accept others., that is what is called self – esteem. In the classroom we can raise activities with which different elements of the theater are worked: music, costumes, makeup, script, stage, lighting, to enhance the development of feelings and values ​​in children. 

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