Children’S Princess Books

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Children’s Princess Books


When talking about princesses as literary characters of children. The most famous princesses in history are those created by Disney, and they are even today that image of weak women creating characters such as Elsa, Vaiana or Mérida among others among others. Children’s books about princesses continue to exist, however these have taken a totally different turn in recent years. Here are some of the most significant titles about princesses.


Children’s books about princesses. The princesses also throw farts: almost all girls have ever in their childhood have dreamed of being princesses for all how beautiful they surround them: a prince who loves them, dressed in precious colors and a huge castle or palace through which to walk. However, in princesses there are also farts, you want to complete. The bravest princesses: one of the best children’s books.

About princesses that breaks with the image of weakness we talked about previously and empower the image of girls and women. A fantastic tool also to educate in equality, since each of the princesses that arise stands out for a different characteristic: soccer player, astronaut, divorced or retired. But all of them have a common characteristic: they do not carry a crown, but they are princesses. A wonderful enlightened album that will see the little ones in the house that any woman can be a princess without the need for princes, castles or dresses, just being herself.

Is there anything more boring than being a pink princess? Only the title of this book already shows an idea of what we can tell in its history. And Carlota is tired of being a princess with pink dresses or kissing toads so that they become her prince. Carlota dreams of being she who saves the prince, going to hunt dragons and living thousands adventures around the world. A book that again breaks with the stereotypes of the princesses of antiquity and wants to teach the necessary values to educate children in equality and without differences. More children’s books about princesses. Eased twice

This collection of books contains several children’s books on princesses of classic stories such as Cinderel. A wonderful idea that arose from parents to which inequality and differences between men and women in classic stories did not want to show their children. For this reason they decided to recreate the classic stories of children.

Forgotten or unknown princesses, one of the best children’s books about princesses. Undoubted. In its pages we will not find princesses that we talked about previously but a series of princesses that other books do not speak and that stand out for some special characteristic. In addition to the fantastic illustrations of this wonderful book, the phrases that accompany some of its pages will make it one of the favorite books of little and older.


Princess 2.0. The princess that is spoken in this story, Vera, is a girl who lives in the city center, goes in shoes, has layers and glasses. A wonderful story that is born in Madrid’s theaters and that is currently published in a story so that all children can meet Vera and be able to understand the type of princesses that currently exist. A story that the author indicates is dedicated to those girls ‘who prefer to eat macaroni with tomato and do not partridge’.

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