Children’S Marriage: The Need For Child Protection In Yemen

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Children’s marriage: The need for child protection in Yemen

In the last twenty years, the practice of child marriage has been common in many parts of the world, it is not exclusive to a particular region or beliefs, millions of girls between around nine and seventeen have been forced to marry either bycultural, political or economic issues. The factors that have influenced the practice of child marriage in Yemen since 2010 are, the famine caused by economic crises as a result of the civil war that remains with Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, the general culture of the country and theHuman Rights violation specifically to Yemeni girls. The objective of this essay is, precisely, to describe the factors for which child marriage is very common in the region. 

The first factor is the famine caused by the events that occurred from 2011, after the population will force the then President Ali Abdullah Saleh to abandon power with accusations of corruption and a failed government in its 33 years of mandate, it takes possessionVice President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi and organizes a National Dialogue Conference where he addresses issues about the State such as the Governance, Structure and Form of the State. Two years later it presents a new project that consists of dividing Yemen in different regions but this generates discontent in the population. 

On the other hand, the Huzíes group takes advantage of popular discontent and extends to the capital, taking control of the armed forces and forcing the president to flee. On March 25, 2015, a coalition of states headed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates intervenes at the request of President Hadi, with the aim of installing the government again. This operation marks the beginning of a civil war leaving approximately 12 million people affected, trapped in half clashes and economic crisis. For this reason, Yemeni families have been forced to give their daughters in marriage, because they do not have the economic solvency necessary to maintain their education, health and housing;Feeding your children is a very difficult challenge for each family, since the prices of the basic basket constantly rise and it is difficult to acquire it. 

The parents of the Yemeni young people resort to marriage as the last instance either to ensure the future of their daughters or in other cases to obtain some money. It can be difficult to imagine why someone would like to marry their son. However, for millions of people, child marriage may seem the best option, or the only. Yemen is one of the three countries that is in the expectation of facing the worst famine crisis in 100 years, if so, it is very likely that the forced or arranged marriage rates will be triggered in the country. 

According to UN data, forced marriages in 2013 increased 17% in girls between 15 and 19 years and in 2017 this increase was 66%. The impoverishment of the population leads many families to need wedding skills to survive, so these children’s marriages are carried out

On the other hand, Yemen’s culture and beliefs greatly influence marriage, the poor population does not have the necessary education to realize that by marrying their daughters against their will, they are violating their human rights. Many Yemeni say that they contain nuptials supposedly to protect the integrity, chastity and purity of women in the face of the dangers of when young people acquire sexual awareness, of not being in this way it would cause damage to the honor of the family. 

Most husbands are much greater than them, there is a belief that it is because they can educate them in their own way and in this way they cannot be revealed before them and will do everything they order them. The young women when marryFind pregnant women putting your life and that of your baby. Illiteracy has been increasing in recent years, more than 50% of the population does not know howOlder men marry virgin women, because there is the myth that when marrying with them HIV/AIDS will be cured, this makes most men who have this disease fall into despair and try to marry having sex with more sexual relations with morefrequency. 

Finally, the violation of human rights of girls in Yemen has ended the lives of thousands, because when marriage is available to the husband forcing them to maintain sex without some kind of condoms, thus exposing them to sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS;Several brides die during the wedding night, because their husbands hurt them causing a vaginal and uterine tear, this is the case of a girl in Yemen who only eight years of age married a forty -year -old man and did not survive. Those who survive are pregnant and not being fully developed die when giving birth. 

Gender equality in Yemen is void, women in this country do not have human rights such as freedom, education, free expression, freely choose and get married with whom they prefer among other rights, they are prone to develop the heaviest jobsof the community and are usually seen as the hindrance of their family, while men are seen as the kings. In 2016, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), have joined to deal with this great problem with the UNFPA World Program and UNICEF forAccelerate measures to end child marriage. Its purpose is that adolescents have opportunities to prosper and achieve their aspirations through education and other alternate routes. 

Some countries that have supported the world program are Belgium, Canada, Norway, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the European Union. In 2017 some program results were revealed. In Yemen, 100.000 members of various communities, leaders and religious magnets learned about the benefits of delaying marriage and keeping adolescent girls schooling during sensitization sessions throughout this essay the factors that have strongly impacted the lives of millions have been briefly analyzedof girls, that when contracting a forced marriage, several physical and psychological abuses suffer. It has been shown that this type of child practice cannot be assigned to a single cause but there are more internal and external reasons. 

The future of Yemeni girls is moderately improved, since with the creation of programs to end child marriage, they have managed to implement free education centers in different communities where girls are more likely to suffer from this practice, which resultsWorrying is the situation that Yemen maintains with Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, to continue with the war will not only miss the advances that the program has achieved, but thousands of innocent lives caught in the midst of the conflict will be lost in the midst of the conflict. 

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