Children’S Hospitalization

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Children’s hospitalization

 This work talks about the hospitalization of the child, because formerly the child was considered as a lonely being since they did not allow access to family members or caregivers since the visits to the children were restricted.

But 25 years ago England proved that the affection of his relatives was the onlyseparating from their parents and not appreciating the affection of their parents the children felt anxiously, sad and fearfully.

On the other hand, children are considered as more vulnerable groups, and thus hospitalization becomes an experience that can contain negative and positive effects. That is why hospitalization in the child population is currently an event that implies threat, fear and fear in certain unknown realities.

On the other hand, the presence of their families during the child’s hospitalization is very important since parents have a power that make children feel anxiety, sadness and stress during the hospital stay, so it is necessary for parents to beIn contact with children, providing support, motivating them since that helps in the recovery of the child, also parents help children to adapt to the environment where they are.

Therefore, to obtain a successful and favorable recovery, it not only depends on the child and their families, but also on the nurse or nurse since they always focus on the health care and life of people in their different age groups Of the individuals, therefore it is very important that the nurses offer support and comfort to children, so they need to have qualities, in order to contribute and help in recovery, they must have the child’s love, patience , dedication, strength, obtain information, varied work and above all work with others that form the health team; It must also have the ability to observe, to anticipate the needs of children, have good communication, establish confidence with children and their families, feel interest like diseases can affect children and something important that a nurse should do is update With new procedures and treatments.

To conclude with this work, it can be said that the child’s hospitalization has evolved since they were not allowed to be close to the children, but then according to some observations and studies they have achieved children to have and receive an attachment with theirParents since affection is something important for children in order to recover, in addition the characteristics and qualities of a nurse are important since we are the ones who contribute to recovery and spend the longest time with patients with.


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