Children With High Capabilities

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Children with high capabilities


Mothers spend many hours a day with their children. They observe them closely and interact with them in different contexts. In fact, they are the best predictors of their skills, capacities, interests and needs. Therefore, the role of a mother of a child with high capabilities is so important for the development of her son. Thus, many times mothers are the key factor for the identification of high capacities. And, also, for your psychopedagogical and correct response to your specific educational support needs. Be a child with high capabilities.


Being a child with high capabilities is not an easy task. But it is very enriching. Since you have the opportunity to raise and educate a child with extraordinary skills.  Despite this, a child should not be treated with high capacities in a special or different way. You just have to learn to adapt to the way of being of it and its demands.  The role of family in the development of a child’s potentialities with high intellectual capacities is fundamental. Therefore, especially, mothers must acquire resources to respond to the intellectual, emotional and social needs of their child.

In this sense, it is essential that they contrast from the beginning their impressions with the school and that they are informed of the various processes of: detection. Evaluation. Disposition of educational measures. Since, educational intervention will not succeed if there is no collaboration and a commitment between family and school. That is, there must be a fluid communication between the two contexts in which the child spends most of the time. Objectives of the intervention as a child with high capacities. Mothers of children with high capacities should not forget to provide affection, support and affection to their children. 

In addition, they have to focus on giving an education that fits their needs. But, we must avoid demanding and pressing them too much, as well as overvaluing some of their abilities in front of others. Therefore, it can be said that the fundamental objectives of family intervention are the following: to enhance the student’s personal interests, without losing sight of the balanced development of all their abilities. Foster your participation in diverse activities (educational, sports, playful, etc.), but without overwhelming him. Adapt the level of family demand to the child’s possibilities.

Enhance its intellectual autonomy and self – esteem. Try to have social life, relating to people of their age and establishing friendship ties. Maintain a good relationship with the school. Being dad of a boy with high capabilities does not mean that we have the task of educating a Superman or Superwoman, but of respecting his individuality.  National Meeting of Outstanding Aptitudes. Importance of the relationship between family and school. As we have already mentioned, it is important that family and school maintain a good relationship. So that they share approaches and the child can receive coherence between the two contexts in which it develops. 


School professionals must perform periodically, with family participation, monitoring and evaluation of the measures adopted. So, the follow -up serves to: introduce changes and improvements in the learning process. Analyze educational strategies. Coordinate forms of psychopedagogical intervention. And, the continuous evaluation is used to: assess all aspects of the teaching, learning process.  Improve more deficit aspects. Therefore, we must bear in mind that education, both in school and at home, is essential for the integral development of children with high capacities.  If the capacity must be transformed into talent, education is what is in the middle.

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