Children And Life Values

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Children and life values


This story is very specific and also somewhat sentimental, the story is told in a poor, desolate town, with a lot of misery and that people did not like to be there;His name was Matahambre. It happens that 3 young people walked in a car that passed by and a rubber was burst, while the driver fixed the rubber talked about so much desire to return to their homes they had and explained what they were most surprised, but suddenly one of one ofThe men listened to a voice and saw a bohío in which a child found that it almost didn’t look.


He had a conversation with him and asked him, where were his father and mother? To which the child responded: that his mother had died when he was little and his father was working, the man seeing how sick the child was said he would take him, but the child said no, that he was already going toheal. My position in front of this story is that people with less resources love what they have, no matter how little it is. Then I will be presenting other elements of this story. The title of the story has a great relationship with the text, since, although the men who walk around are first presented, the main character is the little and sick child. 

The voice record varies, since, men speak very well and in an understandable way, while the child speaks with his field language, as we can see the word "alevanto" and others. The narrator is face -to -face witness and speaks in the third person. The characters are: the child: he is the main character and is poor, he is sick and his bones can be seen through his little body. The three young people: there is talk of only one specific, the one who found the little boy. The driver: it is only said that the car’s rubber arranged. The child’s father: he was working and the child’s mother, who had died.


This story is very interesting, reflective and at the same time a little sentimental;Since, he teaches us how to value things and learn to know what is truly important in our life, we can see the compassion of the young man who found the child and we see the love that the child had at what little he possessed. The little story ends, when the young man left, although sad to have left the child, he was reflecting and told his friends this phrase: "Civilization is pain too, do not forget it," looking at the hands in which he could stillfeel that little being. I think this is expressed so that we can see our reality from a different point and so we can understand it. This story leaves a very significant learning for every reader. 

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