Children And Adolescents Lessons

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Children and adolescents lessons


Adolescence represents the transition from childhood to adulthood, that is, it is a period of development where the person acquires the physical and psychic abilities that will identify it as developed, especially the sexual ones, which will allow it to reproduce. Being a stage of deep changes, it is marked by instability and, in most cases, the bewilderment and confusion of the young people themselves to their changes.

Young people take alcoholic beverages for family reasons for the loving relationships etc. In Guaranda there are different parts that sell these drinks a better known is the winery here they sell alcoholic beverages and it is pressed that they do to minors these people sell these drinks for the reason for money and do not realize the damage they do toThe young Guarandeños.


This is because the adult stage has not yet been achieved and the young man is in a training and development phase, so the health consequences are greater than for a mature adult. In addition to the risks derived from the intake of alcohol in physical health, the most harmful damage to these ages are produced in mental health.

The teenager’s brain is constantly developing and growth;During adolescence the young man will acquire all the capabilities of reasoning, planning, information processing, discursive capacity and all the properties of abstract thinking. Alcohol consumption during this stage of acquisition and development of these skills can stagnate the process and result in an adult that presents important shortcomings in mature thought.

Alcohol also harms the areas of the brain responsible for memory and learning, which are also greatly difficult and harm the ability to create and store memories, attention and concentration. These skills are essential for the development of education and learning, so, in the long run, their lack or incomplete development can bring serious consequences. 

In addition to the risks for the development of mature thought and cognitive ability, alcohol consumption in adolescents greatly affects behavior, which can cause the development of aggressive behavior that hinders the correct development of social relationships.

Other risks of alcohol consumption in adolescents

The World Health Organization establishes a series of damages derived from alcohol consumption, among which are: promotion of unprotected sex, which entails the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and other risks such as early pregnancy. Traffic and traffic accidents, which represent one of the greatest causes of premature death among young people. Proliferation and development of violence, especially gender violence.


To alleviate and prevent alcohol consumption among adolescents, it is necessary. Promote the relationship and dialogue between parents and adolescents: the influence of the family environment is crucial for the young man to follow healthy habits and avoid alcohol consumption.

 Promote, through the use of campaigns, awareness about the serious risks that alcohol consumption entails at any age, but especially among young people we can realize that alcohol is very harmful to our organisms and should not be consumed by peopleminors, since it causes several mental and medical illnesses so it should not be consumed by young people.  

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