Childhood Lessons And Feeds

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Childhood lessons and its feeding


Cheyenne Perry is a 21 -year -old psychology student who lives in South Carolina, United States. She would go quite unnoticed if not because she suffers 3 chronic diseases that condition all her life. Here you can know Cheyenne’s story and learn about the disorders she suffers and the strength she shows.

She can’t eat because she suffers stomach paralysis. Her joints are almost spontaneously dislocated. Her immune system reacts with virulence to the most benign of stimuli. Definitely Cheyenne Perry’s story is complicated. Although she presented some of these symptoms from childhood, it was not up to the age of 13 that Cheyenne had to leave school to live locked at home. With adolescence, their chronic diseases worsened and became very dangerous to lead a normal life. 


While it can leave from time to time, Cheyenne spends most of the time in her room or hospitals.  From her room, she today studies psychology with online classes and has the support of her parents and her fiance, Silvino Suárez. Cheyenne’s story is also a medical history. Next, the chronic diseases that she suffers are briefly explained and the way they affect her life.


This disorder makes the stomach cannot process food or boost them normally to the small intestine. Gastroparecia paralyzes the stomach and prevents it from contracting, making food digestion impossible. It is a rather strange condition associated with type 1 diabetes. Cheyenne Perry was inserted a feeding probe when she was 16 years old. According to the Daily Mail, she has not tried a bite for the past 3 years.

Ehlers Syndrome Danlos

With this name, the set of genetic alterations that cause a defect in collagen synthesis is called. The lack of this protein causes symptoms that include hypermobility and extreme flexibility of joints. This syndrome weakens the tissue that connects the muscles with the bones and organs.

Before she learned to be extra caution, this syndrome made Cheyenne Perry to have dozens of dislocations every day. Her fingers came off when trying to lift a backpack. Now, as she says in MSN, she just has to deal with 2 or 3 joints dislocated per day.

Majority activation syndrome

With this denomination, different disorders caused by inappropriate mast cells are grouped together. These cells are related to the inflammatory and allergic processes with which the immune system responds to pathogens, bacteria and allergens of the environment. Syndrome can manifest with skin redness, abdominal colic, diarrhea and loss of consciousness, among other symptoms.

This syndrome makes Cheyenne extremely sensitive to a wide variety of harmless stimuli. Her immune system reacts to the smell of food or detergent causing seizures. In her words collected by the Daily Mail: I can have reactions to perfume, the smoke of the fireplace, the temperature and even before the scent of the shampoo that someone recently used.


The limitations that Cheyenne has had to face have shown her mission in life. After graduating, she wants to devote her time to pay psychological attention to people who, like her, suffer chronic disorders. Here her words according to MSN: when she was looking for someone to talk about what was happening to me, I knew that none of the psychologists had dealt with chronic diseases. 

Then I knew that a person like me, who has gone through so many things, is very necessary. No matter what happens, I always hope that things will improve for me. Here you can know the story of a mother who was filled with bruises to protect her daughter. Finally, do not see in the following video everything you should know about gastropathy.  

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