Child Sexuality: Natural Instinct Or Protection

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Child sexuality: natural instinct or protection

Aberrations by sexual instinct occur due to an obstacle in development and infantilism. Adult sexual instinct originates from the impulse of children’s impulses, the influences of life are of great importance since they are a cooperative relationship and the inclination towards perversions is a primitive norm of human sexual instinct. Starting from this, normal sexual behavior is developed as a consequence of certain organic transformations and mental inhibitions that appear when the person is in the process of maturation and the perversions are dissociations of the development of the person.

The child is born with sexual impulses and in food feels sexual satisfaction through suction. After this, the latency period begins, in which an energy reserve occurs for different purposes to the sexual and begins to form social feelings and, through repression, the child begins to form sexual dikes.

The child’s sexual excitement comes from the joy due to the appropriate excite. However, these excitations do not act together, but are restricted to obtaining a certain pleasure. In other words, in child.

Even in childhood, the genital erogenous zone begins to be received, which produces a pleasure in the face of stimulation and together with the satisfaction of other parts produces sexual excitement related to the genital area.

It can be seen that child sexual life presents an organization of sexual instinctive components. First is oral eroticism. Second, there is anal eroticism, and only in the third phase sexual life is determined by genital zones.

The limitation of development by latency is related to the progress of man towards civilization, however, it also relates to a predisposition to neurosis. Sexual expressions are revealed as masturbation and seduction can arise suspensions of latency, and even its total suspension, so the conservation of a perverse sexual instinct would occur.

Transformations motivated by childhood in the appearance of puberty. Likewise, the finding of the object is given by the child’s child tendency, which is renewed in puberty towards parents and is put to incest.

The Constitution and inheritance refer to a natural diversity of the sexual constitution, in which one or another origin of sexual excitement and the diversity of practices is externalized in the last result, although it manages to stay within the limits of normal.

Regarding further elaboration, it can be seen that when the components are stored in the abnormal interrelation and remain in the maturation of the person, the effect is a perverse sex life. Repression refers to a result that appears when the repression process is experienced, so that a psychic impediment is caused that makes it impossible for themA psychoneurotic disease. Finally, sublimation is a use of excessive energy excitations that arise from sexuality and thus an increase in psychic performance capacity arises.

Accidental events need to rely on constitutional factors to start acting. It is necessary to attribute to these a primary point in accidental factors. The harmful elements for sexual development manifest their action in a regression.

Early maturity is manifested in an interruption of the child latency period and cause disturbances, so sexual expressions of perversions are seen. Temporary factors are the variation of temporary disposition in the components of sexual instinct, and this will be reflected in a modification of the result.

The early sexual manifestations are of great importance, since there is a psychic factor known as adhesion, which consists of the prolonged fixation of early sexual impressions in neurotics or perverse and this depends on the degree of intellectual development. In fixation, psychic factors influence accidental excitations that occur in child sexuality. These can be fixed in a lasting disturbance. Already in the causation, the Constitution, early maturity, intensity of adhesion and excitation of sexual instinct due to external influences act.  

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