Child Malnutrition In Mexico

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Child malnutrition in Mexico

In this work we will see the current situation of the infant in Mexico around its food. First what we have to know that food is one of the most important things of the human being that has to be in his life to be healthy and prevent serious diseases. Food needs are also important since it gives us energies and allows us to develop.

In this case, we will see food in children and their current situation in the country. 30% of children as adolescent in Mexico according to INEGI (National Institute of Statistics and Geographic) have adequate food position, only 2008 and 2018 Increase 2.5% those who have adequate diet.

The Inegi also points out that 3 out of 10 children inhabit in homes that there is a type of restriction to a healthy eating for them can be mild or severe.

Other more worrying figures is about the extreme poverty that a food insecurity is carried out as severe or mild that has 66.5% in 2012. The states with more food insecurity in Tabasco, Oaxaca, Guerrero, Colima, State of Mexico and Michoacán.

We have shown past figures and current things showing the different situations to what is due to poor diet.

Health problems in children due to poor diet

Child Obesity:

Obesity is a health or excessive health problem in body fat. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Mexico is the second country worldwide with more obesity is very often presented in urban places as in northern states.

Children with obesity can have these problems in an adulthood like these:

  • heart disease;
  • Insulin resistance (it is often an early sign of imminent diabetes);
  • osteomuscular disorders (especially osteoarthritis, a very disabled degenerative disease that affects the joints);
  • some types of cancer (endometrium, breast and colon);
  • disability.


This health problem is very worrying for health institutions, 32% of children in Mexico between 5 and 11 years have problems of overweight or obesity according to the National Health and Nutrition Survey.

1 in 20 children under 5 years old and 1 in 3 between 6 and 19 are overweight or obesity.

Seeing the radiography of a child with obesity you can see a small skeleton surrounded by fat around it, the arteries are full of fat causing a more advanced age of the child to have more health problems.

  • Obesity can be classified in this way:
  • The exogenous or essential: which is the provocative of 95% child obesity, that is, it is the most frequent of this problem.
  • Secondary or syndromatic: a 5% provocative disease.


They are also described in android or visceral or type of apple shape since the fat is concentrated in the accumulation of fat at a trunk or central level. The gynecoid or call of pear form as peripheral since the fat is at peripheral level preferably in the hip and in the upper part of the thighs. Child malnutrition:

Now that we know that Mexico is the second country in the most obese world in its inhabitants, let’s spend malnutrition.

  • Malnutrition is a state of health or pathological with many stages of them mild to serious due to the deficiency of breath in the body.
  • The critical age of malnutrition is 6 months of life.

One of the complications of this health problem is anemia, there are other types of malnutrition but the most serious is the chronicle due to nutrient deficiency.

Types of malnutrition are:

  • Caloric malnutrition or marasmus: in this type of malnutrition it is when the person eats scarce food, what he refers to is that the person does not eat what he should or the appropriate thing about what his body needs during the day. This type causes low work or school performance, tiredness and the delay of a child growth even the thinness they have cagaxia due to their low fat of the tissues in their body.
  • Protein malnutrition: This type of malnutrition is what have a diet of few proteins and carbohydrates. Causes little resistance in the body, hepatic problems, skin alterations and abdominal abobing due to these poor nutrients that these people possess.
  • Slight acute malnutrition: it has a lower size of what it should although its weight is normal.
  • Moderate acute malnutrition: the weight is very low, it is not that it must have its stature.
  • Serious acute malnutrition: the weight is the one that exaggeratedly or is lower than that it should have, it is extremely dangerous to have since it is a high risk of death since the situation is critical and its bodily functions are altered.
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals: this is because this person does not carry common daily tasks because they are tired have difficulties of learning, low defenses and infections.


Chronic malnutrition is due to the great lack of vitamin A, folic acid, iodine, proteins or iron or the lack of drinking water that is very important to have a body balance.

1 in 8 girls and boys under 5 years of age suffer chronic malnutrition The most affected places are in indigenous due to the low resources they have not only in indigenous people also in rural areas have the same situation in some homes.

Child malnutrition has socioeconomic origins that can be due to lack of remains, bilogical due to the form of health that the child and cultural is living that some of the settlers also do not have the same resources as urban or rural areas.


Then I will give a conclusion to this information, the problem of child food is worrying being world worldwide the second most obese country in the world has much to talk about institutions, you have to be attentive in rural or urban areas of what childrenThey eat or as they are fed, there are many factors that give a bad diet that can cause a danger in causing these problems that despite being slight at first can become strong with death threat. Such as the scarce of foods such as the non -scarce of them excessively are the cause of the nutritional problems in Mexico, which many people currently ignore the idea about the care of children in their food or the lack of resources are impossible for them to have aconsiderably worrying malnutrition. The human body being of an infant or an adult its resistances is certainly different but they are equally fragile.

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