Chernobyl Disaster In The Environment

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Chernobyl disaster in the environment


The following work has as the main objective to apply to analyze the Chernobil nuclear catastrophe, being one of the most shocking events for Ukrainian society, so the guide question is to what extent does Chernobyl nuclear disaster affected in the aspect of the aspect of the aspect of the aspect of the Environment in Ukraine? This fatal event was such a great threat to the ecosystem.

To know the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl two secondary sources will be used. In the first source he found information about the bad maintenance in the factory machines and in the second source the data of a video will be analyzed, since it is a reliable source and its information is more varied, about the impact of this event on the environment

Although these two sources are very different, both coincide in the Chernobyl disaster affected a great increase in the environment giving severe consequences to a future distant.

Which makes us known the nuclear incident of Chernobil that marked British history where radioactive elements were used; This radioisotope has a cosmogonic origin producing by a reaction between cosmic radiation and xenon found in the atmosphere.

The purpose of this source is to public.

This source has great value since it has some events in a true and chronological and systematic way of how the nuclear disaster happened in Chernobyl which framed the Society of Ukraine. This source has a website is limited to the amount of deaths it caused, since it does not contain the products of the chemical compounds that were expanded by the environment.

The event occurred when the device operating at the Central. During the test in which an electric supply cut was simulated, a sudden increase in the fourth reactor of this nuclear power plant which produced an overheating of the reactor core.

The purpose of this source is to public.

This source has great value since it provides detailed information, but by the contario it has a limitation, as it does not specify the radioactive materials that were scattered in the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.


The event of Chernobil nuclear fourth. It is a nuclear reactor belonging to the type of the Soviet Union known as RMBK-1000, however, it is cooled by water and moderate by a machine.

Reason that unleashed the Chernobil nuclear accident, since it was the execution of a test arranged for April 25, under the direction of the central offices of the city of Moscow.

This test was intended to increase the safety of the reactor, with the aim of finding out how long the steam turbine would continue to generate electrical energy once the steam influx.

In the event that emergency refrigerant pumps were found, they required a minimum of power to settle until diesel generators and plant technicians were unknown if, once the influx of steam was cut, the inertia of the turbine could keep the pumps working.

The test should be executed without stopping the chain reaction in the nuclear reactor to avoid a phenomenon known as Xenon damage. Among the effects of fission is Xenón 135, an absorbent neutron gas, which are necessary to maintain nuclear fission reactions in chain in chain. While in normal work, so many neutrons accumulate since the absorption is minimal, but when the power is very low or the reactor stops the amount of 135xe increases and prevents the reaction in succession for a few days. The reactor can be restart when 135xe disintegrates.

At one o’clock in the morning of April 25, the technicians began the entrance of the surveillance bars into the nuclear nucleus with the aim of reducing their power.

As a conclusion, it can be said that the pumps despite having great potential, if they have any problem in their operation that could cool the material and a complete investment would be lost for this reason the pumps must have good maintenance.

The deadly cherrine of Chernobil

Currently a new wave of conditions can be bothering the 240.000 men and women who worked at the front of the disaster, the cataracts, a characteristic evil of the survivors of the atomic bombs in Japan, are increasing. More worrying is a study between the Russian liquidators attributed to the accident 230 deaths in the 1990s for heart disease, leukemia and other types of cancer. The connection between Chernobil and heart disease is controversial. Radiation exposure can cause damage to blood vessels, SIM However, some scientists believe that the high incidence of heart disease can be attributed to alcohol and tobacco consumption, stress and inappropriate diet. Perhaps the dripping of cases recorded so far is only the beginning, since an increase in this disease was already foreseen. They passed between 20 and 25 years before cancers induced by radiation between the survivors of the atomic bombs appeared.

Countless people who lived in cracked Chernobil also run a risk. The initial explosion threw radioactive material west of the reactor, saving Pripiat from a direct impact and annihilating a strip of pines known as the cursive by the spectral red needles of the dead dead trees. "The winds were favorable," says Ronald Chesser, an ecologist at the Texas Technological University that studies the radioactive cloud as a model of what would happen if a dirty pump (explosives with radioactive material) exploded in the United States.

In conclusion, radioactives that are mixed for the realization of bombs can cause blood suffering, such as cancer, diseases that affected and still affect millions of people.

Chronicle of a nuclear accident

Olesia Shovkoshitaya does not know whether or not to blame chernobyl for her checks and bad memory. She however she keeps good memories of her childhood in Pripiat, a city founded in the 1970s for the Chernobil Central staff. It was a cozy place, with trees and roses remembers Olesia, who now lives in kyiv, about 110 kilometers south of Chernobyl. At that time she began to play chess and handball, she also swam, however she was part of a choir.

I really enjoyed my childhood. However, life ended when she was 10 years old. At 1:23 that morning of April, the technicians made an error in a routine reactor security test four. The carbon nucleus reactor, a Soviet design, had an inherent instability, and in a matter of seconds the nuclear chain reaction is uncontrolled. Reactor cooling water instantly steam. Western reactors are locked inside thick steel and concrete buildings, since it did not have resistant materials that contained the explosion. The outbreak lifted the roof, scattered the bowels of the reactor around the building and caused a fierce fire in what was left of graphite core. Mother Olesia works as a coach in the central one, so she as she always went that morning to her job, several hours after the accident.

Osesia’s mother returned in the afternoon and Cerro Las Ventanas, then an official of the City Council was presented with compressed from iodine 131 radioactive. She also gave her daughter a vodka drink, a drink that in Soviet lands is considered as a protector against radiation. Her father, who was an engineer, returned that same day as Moscow, where he had just obtained the doctorate. Ironically, her thesis tried as probability of a catastrophe in a nuclear power plant. Then she would tell Osesia that on the way home she saw children splashing in the puddles that formed after watering the road. I beg you to enter home. They were impregnating with radiation.

The next morning the authorities announced that an accident occurred and that the city would be evacuated. That day, 1100 vehicles from all over Ukraine lined up in Pripiat at 5 in the afternoon so the city was empty.

The capital of Slávutich was built 50 km from Pripiat to replace the city, housed the staff of the remaining chernobil reactors until they were closed, the last one in the year 2000. In their square the names and faces of the first victims of the disaster are recorded in black marble. Two workers of the Central died from the explosion and the fire. The others, 22 labor and 6 firefighters received high doses of radiation and succumbed in a few months.

During the days that followed the explosion, other thousands of workers, called liquidators, were driven in a hurry from Chernobyl to dominate the radioactive hell. Coal miners struggled in the nucleus to pump liquid nitrogen and thus cool nuclear fuel. Helicopter pilots threw 4500 tons of lead, sand, clay and other materials to suffocate the flames. The army made incursions timed to the ceiling of the focus to throw the smoking blocks of the explosion inside the reactor. Ironically dubbed Biorobots, many of those 3400 men who participated in operation absorbed in a few seconds the radiation dose of a lifetime.

Finally, Chernobil nuclear disaster had very strong and radioactive components that, with the passing of the affection with terrible consequences that remain until today in the population that was present at that time in the city of Chernobil.


When culminating, my research understood that historians have different points of view on Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe which makes it difficult to have a central representation that covers a single idea that of definition of all concepts on one issue and thus have a better close appreciation to reality.

When investigating my topic I found a number of sources that explained the Chernobyl nuclear disaster but I also found secondary sources of websites that are reliable to do my research. In my work I have used secondary sources such as Internet articles, web pages, which allowed me. I also found secondary sources that do not have an author and date such that they return them in non -reliable sources because I could generate misunderstandings or can simply be copies of other sources so they have been discarded from my research.

I could also measure the impact produced by the nuclear bomb in Chernobyl in regard to more of human losses to the disaster caused to the environment.

When analyzing the information with thoughts that fall on research where the historiographic school of historical materialism was applied, a concept that makes me express the above, since these information on the web pages found economic information, which allowed me to have clear information And I needed to investigate and meet.

Finally, I understood that Chernobil’s outbreak was caused by four machinery who had no repair in them and to use them through radioactive chemicals such as xenon caused this explosion .Using secondary sources I could also measure the ecological impact that caused this explosion that had results especially with environmental pollution .

This destructive action not only to the environment because also to the population of the Chernobil sector had many negative sequelae in its physical and mental aspect that last until today.


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