Chernobil Nuclear Plant Accident And Repercussions Today

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Chernobil nuclear plant accident and repercussions today

On April 26, 1986, the Chernobil Nuclear Energy Plant in Ukraine suffered a collapse of one of its reactors. Chernobyl catastrophe was one of the greatest environmental disasters of our planet in which a lot of radioactive material was released. The catastrophe began in reactor 4 while a systems test was done when suddenly, shortly after one in the morning the workers tried an emergency blackout, but this failed causing a rapid increase in energy. According to the book VocesdeChernobil "this could also have been produced by a fuel called refuge that had been giving problems" and maybe this has also been able to influence what happened. The reactor is considered to exceed approximately ten times more normal power. The reactor vessel broke and, when some pieces of material and sparks were burned, they shot up the reactor over the reactor. The caused fire marked a very radioactive precipitation in the atmosphere and on a large space. According to very history “around 600 firefighters, workers and volunteers participated in the tasks of extinction of the fire although more than 130.000 people had to be evacuated ". This happened since the security measures of the plant were not followed and because of that the fuel was overheated. The catastrophe ended the life of members and firefighters of emergency services that were responsible for decontamination due to acute radiation disease. Apart from this consequence, 31 people died in the following two weeks and the evacuation of 116.000 people at that moment.

Today, radiation is basically applied to medicine and industry, although according to the advice of the “radiation is applied in medicine, industry, environment and agriculture”. In Medicine, the use of radiation is applied to radiognosis, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine techniques. Some of the radiodiagnosis uses are to obtain x -ray thanks to X -rays, and thanks to X -rays to identify injuries or diseases that may happen to people, although there is also the use of radioisotopes to be able to see three -dimensional images of the body. Radiotherapy is a cancer treatment by using high radiation doses to destroy cancer cells and tumors, although it is also used in low doses to see the interior of the body or to make radiographs.Finally, nuclear medicine consists of using radioactive material to obtain a diagnosis and then achieve treatment and thanks to that to do research against that disease. In the industrial sector, there are different uses such as the measurement of the density that consists of the fact that the phenomena of absorption and dispersion lose some energy, so that the energy that has previously been lost is equal to the weight of the material that crosses , and thus, to know characteristics of that object, for example, moisture, weight and thickness that is the smallest dimension of a three -dimensional body. The use of radiation in the industry also applies to the processes of some treatments, to do tests and know if there are defects, for the measurement of liquids or fluids and for the exploration of the subsoil to discover different deposits. Radiation applications in the environment are the mediation of polluting gases that consists in calculating CO2 releases in the local atmosphere of an industrial zone, the elimination of pollutants thanks to nuclear methods that are very useful for the elimination of pollutant gases (including greenhouse gases) and final. With respect to agriculture, the applications that we find in this sector are to obtain crops with high performance and protein rich, the production of different crops resistant to different diseases, the selection of plants with a high production and efficiency of the use of the use of the use of water and final.

Although many data reveal that there is no danger to live near a nuclear power plant according to babymas "to live near a nuclear power plant that will depend on the possibilities of developing a disease or not in children", since you will have more possibilities of developing a disease living near a nuclear power plant than living far. The consequences of radiation use can be: suffer acute effects on the body due to the high doses of punctual exposure such as vomiting, nausea …, have accumulated damage that can reach more serious health problems, for example, for example, leukemia or thyroid cancers, the possibility that there is a disintegration of the nuclei of the atoms, and due to this consequence, that there is a release of different types of radiation and particles that can modify or alter the molecules of our own cells damaging them or affecting them and causing an alteration in their operation and finally, that there are changes in cell structures, that is, that an alteration of DNA occurs. With respect to the use of radiation, I believe that they should continue to be used, since their use allows many important things to be done that, without their use, could not be made. Although its use has consequences, I think it is worth using it. For example, if radiation is not applied in medicine, treatment and diagnosis of many people who need radiation to save their lives, it will not be able to discover or treat. In addition, according to the information that I have found, there is no scientific knowledge that proves that this can affect us or our planet, although, like everything, it has its inconveniences and disadvantages that is, that I believe that one could continue to be used Until it is discovered that in some cases this may affect very seriously.

Why should the use of radiation in nuclear plants be used?/ Advantages of nuclear centrals

Why shouldn’t the use of radiation be used in nuclear power plants?/ Disadvantages of nuclear centrals

  • Clean energy
  • Expensive fuel
  • It does not generate CO2
  • There is a possibility that there is a radioactive explosion
  • Does not produce greenhouse gas gases
  • Non -renewable energy
  • Reduces oil dependence
  • Contamination with people who work
  • They produce electrical energy
  • Radioactive waste production
  • They do not directly contaminate the atmosphere
  • There are radioactive particles of waste that cause damage to the environment
  • They need little fuel
  • There are some problems by saving radioactive waste
  • There is a possible fuel reuse
  • Thermal contamination of the waters near the centrals
  • There is a relationship between the amount of fuel used and the energy obtained
  • There is a lot of time for waste to lose radioactivity
  • We would avoid global warming
  • Little space to store them
  • There would be a decrease in diseases and a better quality of life
  • Nuclear waste is generated
  • Great power and performance
  • There are possibilities for security systems to fail
  • Few fossil fuel energies
  • Nuclear accidents
  • Inexhaustible source
  • Persistent waste
  • Generated waste is less radioactive
  • It depends on fossil fuels
  • Does not harm the environment
  • High performance
  • They generate few waste
  • Constant production
  • You can generate a lot of energy with only one central

When this happened, the use of milk was recommended since the inhabitants of that region had a low iodine diet, that is, their thyroid glands were needed with iodine and these absorbed the radioactive isotopic variant that contained milk. What happened was that the authorities did not withdraw the milk in time from the food chain and the milk continued to consume for a long time. Because of this, milk was contaminated by radioactive iodine and people were ill. According to Who "this has happened due to the ingestion of milk since cows could have eaten contaminated grass". Milk is good because when you have digestive problems, milk does like a washing that makes you recover. As a consequence around 5.000 people have been detected of cancer in Ukraine.


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