Chemical Origin And The Meaning Of Life

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Chemical origin and the meaning of life


For many years it has been tried to discover the origin of the human being, of life and is one of the theories that puts the scientific analysis in progress, since chemical theory or chemical physical, proposed by the Soviet biologist Alexander Oparin and the British JB Haldane, suggests that life is created after 4000 million years after molecules of the primitive atmosphere had reactions with energy and creating organic and simple molecules and that then these would evolve later creating more complex molecules, thus resulting as the existence of existenceFrom unicellular to multicellular organisms until reaching our current habitat.


The possibility of considering that the origin of life is from from chemical and physical elements on Earth is interesting because the theory proposed by these authors is very accepted today, since several scientists have established basis to believe that it was of this way in which life arises.

Within this theory, it is explained how the life of a cell can be created, since it is believed that from the union of organic molecules over hundreds of years more complex are created called polymers (proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, among others ) And this is when it comes to create a molecule capable of self-replicating, and to give rise to the first cells, creating a form of reproduction that will give the "biological evolution" to the diversity of species that exist today.

Recall that the human being is constituted by 70% water, which is an inorganic molecule, but water acts in most of the fundamental processes of life and that it is the universal solvent of the chemical reactions necessary for life. We also find the 4 major components of life: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen and all these elements are essential to maintain the metabolism of living beings, as they provide the air we breathe, polymers formed from them, the ability to reproduction.


In conclusion, life originates through evolution, that is, they had to give a set of processes to the years so that an organic molecule could arise and how does it occur? The primitive atmosphere was constituted by hydrogen, methane, ammonia, water vapor, sulfuric acid and small amounts of carbon dioxide, and what make these elements believe others are the action of solar rays, volcanic eruptions and electrical discharges of origin natural, so they begin to react and produce organic molecules that would cause the life of a cell and organisms long later.


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