Charles S. Peirce And His Idea Of Pragmatism

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Charles s. Peirce and his idea of pragmatism

Charles Pierce was an original and very intelligent thinker who opened roads in philosophy and semiotic research, was also one of the initiators and inspirers of the pragmatist philosophical current.

Pragmatism intended to make a positive philosophy, expressing a set of unified and sustained thought by science. For Pierce logic and reflections related to phenomenology and epistemology, with an adequate and solid method, capable of substantling their metaphysical ideas.

Pierce’s philosophy is a permanent balance between logic and metaphysics, it also seems that it only moves with formal (logical) categories and other times in an analysis of the foundations of being and a true ontology, to reveal the necessary circumstances of the entityand their relationships with all reality.

The first satisfaction rule is when written when using words that do not give expression to understanding errors;If a reader ignores the meaning of the words, it is better for him to know that he does not know.

This is exclusively safe in a logic which could be said that it is based on its coherence almost completely on the compliance of thought. Pierce sought a generality of thoughts that would allow him to know the entire world, for this he saw the need to develop a system with the most widely comprehensive categories of known and cognizable realities.

Peircian theory is presented as a cognitive semiotics, it is a philosophical behavior that seeks the definition and interpretation of human knowledge, all reality can be understood of three categories that allow to unify what is complex and multiple.

For Pierce the first is the way of being, of what is, positively and without correspondence to any is the first impression or feeling we receive from things, the first is the beginning and the initial element.

The ideas of firstness, secondity and thirdity are considerably simple, also giving it the widest possible sense, so that it included opinions, such as things and ideas that we effectively have to only imagine.

  • The first is the way of being of what is as it is, in a positive way and without reference to anything else.
  • Surgence is the way of being of what is as it is, with respect to a second thing, but excluding every third thing.
  • Thursday is the way of being of what is as it is, by relating a second and third things to each other.


The typical ideas of the first are the qualities of feeling or appearances. The scarlet color is real and the shape itself, regardless of being perceived or remembered, is an example.

The existence of the word effort is sufficient proof for people to think they have such an idea and this is not enough with this, the experience of the effort cannot exist without the practice of resistance. 

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