Character: Chronicle Of An Announced Death

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Character: Chronicle of an announced death


To what extent does the context and reification of women influence the character of Ángela Vicario in ‘Chronicle of an announced death’ and the candid Eréndira in ‘The incredible and sad story of the candid Eréndira and her heartless grandmother’ by GabrielGarcía Márquez? The importance of analyzing the works ‘Chronicle of an announced death’ and ‘The incredible and sad story of the candid Eréndira and her heartless grandmother’, by Gabriel García Márquez is to publicThis is based on the next research question. To what extent does the context and the reification of women influence the character of Ángela Vicario.


In ‘Chronicle of an announced death’ and the candid Eréndira in ‘The incredible and sad story of the candid Eréndira and her heartless grandmother’ by Gabriel García Márquez Márquez Márquez?, The context is influenced the year in which the work, family and society was written. The objective is to analyze the position of women in each work and their behavior. To answer my research question, the behavior of each character in the works will be compared and contrast. This monographic work addresses the role of women as a social problem in families, studying two works.

Where one focuses on prostitution and the other on honor for family (virginity), by author Gabriel García Márquez. On the other hand, the two sources are primary (books), therefore, it is a novel (chronicle of an announced death) and the story (the incredible and sad story of the candid Eréndira and her delaimed grandmother). The role of women is a social problem where it looks like an object and as a lower value than the man, that is, the woman exerts the role in which the author does to get attention. The woman was considered inferior to the man, she had to deal with the domestic work imposed by man or husband, the woman had to get to marriage.

Women’s parents were looking for who was going to marry, the woman throughout her life was owned by man. We realize that the woman was not well taken care of, but that she was mistreated since she was not able to have opportunities, as she now has them, on the other hand, also in the works they make us know that women was notsomething important for man and neither for his family. Gabriel García Márquez was born in Aracataca Colombia on March 6, 1927 and died in 2014 pneumonia in Mexico City, his parents were Gabriel Eligio García and Luisa Santiaga Márquez Márquez Márquez Márquez. 

Gabriel García Márquez writes and public ‘Chronicle of an announced death’ in 1981 and the story or short novel ‘The incredible and sad story of the candid Eréndira and her heartless grandmother’ in 1972. Gabriel wins his Nobel Prize in 1982 with a hundred years of solitude, from there he writes more of his novels. Gabriel García is a great writer, storyteller and novelist, who is based on true stories, in chronicle of an announced death is established in a true environment which makes attention. Gabriel also uses his strategies a lot to conquer the world of readers as he does in his stories and also his Colombian novels.

In addition to all this Gabriel dies in 2014 because of a disease called pneumonia. Gabriel’s writings have not only been striking, but includes the cultures of his people and also from Latin American countries, on the other hand, he also drinks in the style in which Gabriel García Márquez tries to understand every detail. When we talk about the story, the incredible and sad story of the candid Eréndira and her heartless grandmother, we are talking about the existence of the prostitution of the minors the South African Caribbean and when it is a chronicle of an announced death, we are talking about the importance of virginityAt the time when the family had to save their honor.

The structure of this novel is that it is based on a real event that occurred in Colombia from 1955 and was published 27 years later. This novel is about many important issues, but in this case the behavior of a character within the novel will be studied, it is the specifications of Ángela Vicario, who was apparently seduced by Santiago Nasar. The novel is titled Chronicle of an announced death, which is a young man named Santiago Nasar, son of Ibrahim Nasar and Plácida Linero, Santiago and his mother Plácida lived alone after the death of her husband Ibrahim Nasar. 

This novel has a start and an end, which the author makes the reader go until the end. The beginning of a chronicle of an announced death says ‘the day they were going to kill Santiago Nasar got up at 5.30 in the morning to waitHe dies although all the people of his people already know why and they are not able to save him. Both the death of Santiago Nasar and the honor of Angela’s family was one of the reasons why Gabriel García Márquez writes the novel.

The most outstanding is Angela since for her reason there is everything that happened with the arrival of her unknown husband and the death of the innocent Santiago, in addition Angela Vicario was known as an educated woman to marry and the chores of her house, and SantiagoNasar was a young man who loved him for his friendship and lovely young man “he had turned twenty -one the last week of January, and was slender and pale, and had the eyelids of Arabic and his father’s curly hair” describe theSantiago Nasar personality;Angela Vicario describes her as a "beautiful" girl (Márquez, chronicle of an announced death) and she "she was the most beautiful of four".

He was a beautiful young woman and the youngest of the sisters. Angela Vicario was supposedly not a virgin, when he married Bayardo San Román and was returned to the house of his relatives, by the deceased Santiago Nasar who is that he steals his virginity. In this novel it consists with five chapter that they have no titles that you are listed, in addition it does not chronologically follow the events we can say that this is the external structure of the novel, and the internal structure is in which the author creates the moments when each characterDialogue and that is giving the events that were after him knew.

Also in the novel it is not known who truly was the one who took Angela Vicario’s virginity and ensures that it is Santiago Nasar and this takes him to his death as death of an animal without knowing the reasons why he was attacked by the vicaries. In the first chronicle sequence of a death announced, the morning is going to kill Santiago, second sequence is the part where Bayardo San Román chooses Angela Vicario to marry her, that is, they are boyfriends, although Angela did not want to marry withHe, the third sequence is given the murder of the Vicar brothers to Santiago Nasar and so on the other sequences, including the last part.

The fifth sequence is the entire development of the crime, why they killed Santiago Nasar, but he is not known because Angela exposes Santiago and if she does not tell the truth to Gabriel García Márquez’s interview, he only tells him “no longer no longerHe gave him more rounds, cousin "" It was "(Márquez, chronYour event.Besta short novel tells the story of a 14 -year -old girl who her life is exploited by her grandmother, since she has a servant and after all she is prostituted by her predecessor. 

Eréndira "is languid and of tender bones and too meek for her age" (Márquez, the incredible and sad story of the candid Eréndira and her heartless grandmother), this wants to make us know that Eréndira was carried away by her grandmother and also everythingThis led her to her grandmother prostituy, for the grandmother, Eréndira was too easy to take her along a path that would give value to her grandmother as mistreating her life as a child . Eréndira is her grandmother’s servant, since when her husband died she had taken her out of a brothel and sent her to live in El Desert where she was like the payment of her misfortune and Eréndira’s father left her grandmother in charge of her, whereTake the opportunity to have the biggest command in your granddaughter.

Also when the grandmother sends Eréndira a lot she tells her yes. For the young woman it was like what he hated most since she did not have a night to rest well for what her grandmother told her "take advantage of the morning to wash the carpet of the room" and she answered everything that the grandmother told her"Yes grandmother" "Iron all the clothes before shortening you so that you sleep with the quiet conscience" and she only said "yes grandmother" (Márquez, the incredible and sad story of the candid Eréndira and her heartless grandmother) and so onher granddaughter and did not let her rest since for her.

His granddaughter owed her a lot to raise her and had to pay in such a way that she abused this little and beautiful girl. Everything that the grandmother said Eréndira as an obligation had to do it because she had only that and if she did not have to do it otherwise but serving her grandmother as her slave. These two people both Eréndira and his grandmother liveBathing the grandmother when the wind of her misfortune began ".

This means that this wind was the curse that had remained of her profession when her husband died.  Gabriel García Márquez presents in this short novel the life of a young girl who gets carried and falls on a difficult path, instilled by her grandmother. On the structure of the incredible and sad story of the candid Eréndira it can be said that, the external structure is what the author is about how it is structured to understand it as the three chapters are. Gabriel García, tries to explain the lives of many people who suffer under the command of relatives who do not want good to them.

They make these fall into paths difficult to leave and prefer to follow the same course. In this little novel it is more than anything about the life that the grandmother passed and she is uncultured to her granddaughter to see what she had suffered as well and this makes the grandmother only think about her life not that of her own granddaughter. Gabriel García Márquez focuses on this point in a desert and ends at sea, this makes known that the desert was Eréndira’s jail and his grandmother, the only one that comes out of that thermal desert is Eréndira, since he sends tokill his grandmother to save himself from the bad life he had and look for another world of freedom and accommodation.


A Chronicle of a Death Foretold;It is a novel based on real events in Colombia in a family for fighting for the honor of his family. In this novel two main characters are highlighted such as Ángela Vicario and Santiago Nasar. Analyzing this novel well, it can be deduced that it uses a lot what are religious names, which indicates that something with religion has to do with religion, in terms of religion it is a against that with each profession of the characters a againstAs is Angela’s name, she is not an angel and she is not a virgin, with this example we realize what really exists in this act that the city of Gabriel García Márquez lived.

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