Chapter 74: Don Quijote Of The Alternative Final Mancha

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Chapter 74: Don Quijote of the Alternative Final Mancha


However, after the arrival of Don Quijote and Sancho Panza to the people, they implemented their plan and began working as pastoreos during this year that they planned to take as a rest of the adventures. Likewise, every morning, Don Quijote got up with enthusiasm and joy to work in his flock.


Good morning, beautiful niece of mine. As are you this morning?

It is in this way that their mornings began. After he ate the breakfast kept by his niece, he headed towards work and with the same enthusiasm he greeted Sancho Panza, who returned him with the same joy to Don Quijote. Despite his rest year, he never stopped appreciating the stories of gentlemen. Every night he took a pencil and tried to remember what he had read and wrote them so that they did not forget. This and the meetings with the Bachelor Samsón Carrasco and Master Nicolás became tradition during the year.

Around the end of the year, Don Quijote began to get sick. All very scared they looked for the doctor quickly, but the illness they supposed they had was already irreversible. And so, all gathered, Don Quixote begins to speak:

  •  Oh how much have our moments enjoyed Pancho! I would have wanted another adventure, but I didn’t complain. I hope you are still a good gentleman still in my absence.


Hearing these words from Don Quixote, all very sad crying, they are surprised in the sad way that says it. And so Sancho Panza responds:

  • I will continue in honor of you, my best gentleman and partner!


Then Don Quijote moves his head up to down happy with Pancho’s response and turns his head looking at his niece to which he says:

  • I want you to take care of you and know that I appreciate everything you have done.


With the tears falling to the prosecutions of the niece, Don Quijote turns his head looking at everyone and says:

  • I thank everyone, their support and I want you to know that I have left you one ..


Don Quixote could not finish the sentence when the wood he had put on the wall, days before, containing the leaves of his writings fell on him. And although it was not the cause of dead, due to its previous state of health, it died without even finishing its prayer.

As everything begins to take a turn when, three years after his death, his niece was sad sitting in Don Quijote’s room thinking about the fact that on this wedding day he is not here to walk it through the altar, andSuddenly behind the closet she notices a white sheet. She is confused thinking that every time ago every corner of the room had inspected looking for Don Quijote’s writings to comfort her on the long nights of solitude. When the paper takes, it realizes that it is an envelope. She opens it carefully by revealing a letter from Don Quijote. This said:

Dear friends, I thank you for everything they did for me, telling the part that the current would take me even when my greatest follies. I’m not going to lie to say, at first if I thought I was a gentleman. But then, on the road to the town, I fell as a rocinante and gave myself very hard in my head. More strange to sound, I returned to Alonso Quijano’s conscience. I didn’t say anything upon my arrival at anyone because the truth is that I liked to be Don Quixote, I felt more free, more cheerful and with more reason to live. In addition, I felt that in this way they loved me more, although it bothered more. If they are reading this, it is because somehow I am already in heaven. I wrote this to know that I lived a very happy life thanks to all of you. With this I also want to let everything that belongs to me, it happened to Pancho, my most loyal companion. And finally, my dear niece, I hope you find a couple who loved you and that takes care of you because you deserve it.


With all the tears falling on his cheeks and the whole ruined makeup, Don Quijote’s niece was moved with the words he had left written and not long after, all the close friends of Don Quixote knew about her. Everyone decided to stay the letter a secret and let everyone remember Don Quijote de la Mancha for his incredible stories. Some would remember him for crazy, but they know that the true Don Quixote, even at the end, was very sane leading a life full of happiness.

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