Changes And Competences Of The Organizational Environment

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Changes and competences of the organizational environment


In the following test, the organizational environment will be discussed and the change verifies that it will have and therefore the competition will be increased, that means that they will have advantages and disadvantages and for this the organizations must have strategies which allow them to achieve an adjustment between thehomogeneous/heterogeneous and stable/dynamic dimensions which determine the structure of the organization. In a company directly or indirectly the environment will influence a macro environment which is based on the direct form and a micro environment which affects in a general way


The organizational environment can be defined as the set of forces and conditions that are outside the limits of an organization and that has sufficient influence on it to affect its operations. These forces are in a continuous change, so they present opportunities and threats to the organization. (Igestion 2.0, 2010)

As stated above, the organizational environment are situations that are outside the hands of the organization and that these have the power to affect their operations. He also says that these forces are constantly changing, so it can benefit how to harm organizations. A better definition of the organizational environment would be (Ahumada Figueroa, 2002) “It means assuming that organizations are complex systems, deeply influenced by their environment, the environment changes so fast that the direction cannot wait for too much security of what is happeningTo formulate your strategies.”(Page 141)

On the other hand, the liberalization of markets, the growing number of mergers and acquisitions, the emergence of free trade blocks, technological changes, among others, are frequently cited as destabilizing factors of the organizational environment 

The increase in scientific and technological knowledge, for example, empowers organizations to identify and exploit various technologies and various markets or "niches" in which to develop their activities, so global competition is something that is present in all organizations. (Ahumada Figueroa, 2002, p. 140)

It is important what System mentions Figueroa (2002) because those aforementioned factors, such as acquisitions, technological changes, among others, these greatly influence an organization, since they are a primary part of the activities that exists in a company and therefore theseThey can destabilize the entire organizational environment, in addition that global competition is something that is very important in the organizational environment.

The perceived environment is constituted by two dimensions: homogeneous/heterogeneous and stable/dynamic, which will significantly determine how the organizational structure should be defined. The homogeneous/heterogeneous dimension refers to the degree of variety or diversification of the environment in different groups that affect the organization – proportions, clients, competence, government bodies;that is, with distinctive characteristics of differentiation. On the other hand, the stable/dynamic dimension is related to the changing nature of the environment in terms of technological aspects, the regulatory framework, the position of competitors, the appearance or disappearance of companies in the markets and the changes in the changes in theproducts and services offered by the organization or demanded by the environment. (Thompson, 1967, p. 16)

What Thompson (1967) said about the two homogeneous/heterogeneous and stable/dynamic dimensions are important aspects, since thanks to these dimensions in an organization poses its strategies to improve the internal and external environment of the organization as the part of theTechnology, the regulatory framework, the disappearance and appearance of companies in the market;But on the other hand there are also customers, competition and government bodies.

As previously known, the environment affects companies directly as indirectly

  • We can distinguish the macro environment: it will be constituted by all those non -controllable factors and that directly affect the company.
  • Political factors, technological factors, environmental factors, demographic factors, economic factors, cultural factors.
  • Micro Environment: Non -controllable environmental factors or forces that have a general influence on the activity of the company and in the rest of the companies.
  • Suppliers, company, third parties, competitors, intermediaries, market. (Ardiseny, 2017)

As Ardiseny (2017) said, it is inevitable that the environment affects the companies where we can find the micro environment that is mostly based on competitors, clients, suppliers, government, among others and in macro environment they are based on technological, political, social, social, social,, economic and international.


In conclusion, the organizational environment is an important aspect for companies, because thanks to this, organizations propose strategies so that it does not harm them, since the environment has to do with internal and external aspects that an organization has, which areimportant for the organization to arise;As previously seen, the environment is presented in two parts in micro environment and the macro environment;since thanks to these environments the viability of the organization can be known.


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