Change Management In Governments Regarding Climate Change

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Change management in governments regarding climate change

The way in which governments anticipate and respond to short and long -term risks presented by climate change can have permanent consequences for the future of their countries. Although many of the adaptation activities are directed and carried out by local governments and communities, decisions at the national level play a key role in facilitating local adaptation and private sector adaptation efforts, mainly when providing information and guidance.

Due to the possible alterations and the difficult choices that decision -making regarding climate change entails, an early and continuous citizen participation is essential for effective adaptation. Including the population can help governments define adaptation needs and acceptable risk levels and choose between various priorities. Governments will have to ensure that those affected by climatic impacts and adaptation decisions actively participate in these processes.

Climate change will affect many sectors, including agriculture, electricity production, transport, forest exploitation and land use and water management. Climate change is not just an environmental problem: its impacts affect all government ministries. This highlights the need for a global resolution by governments and different decision strategies that respond to the specific nature of climate change.

The priority to adaptation measures must be related to the problem identified in the climatic agenda and the current and future vulnerability analysis, these measures should consider the participation of social actors. The priority measures will be those that respond to the problems that are identified associated with climate change. There are different types of prioritization, such as a cost-benefit analysis; efectivity cost; However, it is important to note that all selected measures must be related to climate change.

There is a close relationship between climate, ecosystems and development. There is an obvious relationship between climate behavior, the capacity of ecosystems to provide goods and services, and the transformation of these goods and services into well -being and economic growth. According to the above, the weather has the ability to enhance or limit economic and social development. Likewise, the intensity of the demands that the population exerts on ecosystems can have repercussions on their ability to reduce the impacts of change and climate variability. In other words, the way in which man intervenes the ecosystems determines his vulnerability to climatic phenomena.

Adaptation is a strategy to guarantee long -term competitiveness, there is significant evidence of how climate change is affecting the world economy. The magnitude of this impact on the economy is estimated that it will be increased in time to the extent that no global consensus have been generated to reduce gas emissions and therefore, extreme climatic phenomena and climatic variability will intensify.

It is necessary to recognize that the productivity of the sectors could be affected by environmental degradation, while natural resources are exhaustible and these are the basis of production, in this case the climatic variable could exacerbate these effects. In this sense it is critical that sectors and territories understand that adaptation to climate change is a strategy to guarantee long -term competitiveness.  

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