Challenges And Changes From The Business World, Leadership And Teamwork

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Challenges and changes from the business world, leadership and teamwork

At present, the business world has moments of great challenges and changes that will continue and will not be stopped due to globalization and the constant changes that technology offers, as well as global economic instability that causes changes and variations in thework teams. These changes affect employees and that is why the figure of the leader becomes a fundamental importance today today. Although the meaning of leader has many definitions one of them is that he is a person who acts as a guide or chief of a group. The leader has the power to influence other subjects. Their behavior or words manage to encourage members of a group to work together for a common goal. The leader or leadership has been defined as the “activity of influencing people to voluntarily insist on the objectives of the group or company. In this essay we will discuss the strategic importance of leaders and teamwork for the achievement of goals and objectives in a company.

The leader’s work is to establish a goal and get most people to want and work to reach it. It is a fundamental element in the managers of the business world, to carry out a company or organization, this is also seen for example in the sports world to know how to direct a team to victory, in education so that teachers get their students to bedo their homework and in the family parents or older brothers look like an example to follow by their children. We human beings feel identified with a group of people in particular for different reasons such as religious, political and support groups and these groups seek to reach goals and that is where teamwork is reflected to achieve them and withThe leader’s help gets focusing and looking for ideas and strategies to achieve them.

The meaning of teamwork is the integrated effort of a set of people for the realization of a project. Working as a team implies coordination of 2 to more people oriented for the scope of common objectives. Each member must contribute for the realization of a part of the work. What must be clear is that having a good idea is not enough for those who are a leader, it is necessary that before carrying it out, you know how to convince those around them that this idea is the best invention in which it has been thoughtNever and that aims to solve our most important problems. If we manage to captivate the public with our idea, we possibly become a visionary leader and valued by the environment.

In leadership strategies you must have practice, discipline and perseverance, this helps the company of the company to emulate the same strategies to help compete in the business world. The leader must have experience and expert at what he does and should know how to use these tools to know.

Communication is also an important strategy, we must keep everything informed with the changes and events that arise on the way in order to discuss those who agree or disagree and make appropriate decisions. I consider having clear and shared goals is a point in favor so that all members are focused on complying with each goal, step by step and day by day. Leaders are those who visualize the objective and must convey the desire for each other to do not decay. This is also called motivation, is to encourage them to do the work with purpose and not only for doing so and the leader must be clear how to motivate them.

And one of these strategies is that they must compensate for the work team, that is, people need to hear sometimes they are doing a good job, you have to share the triumphs of the work team, let them know are part of the success for having achieved thecompany objectives and goals. Finally, one of the strategies you must have and maintain is the commitment of the work team. It is not just knowing what your skills are to achieve the goal, it is also to let them know the team because they were chosen and thus have a sense of belonging when working together.

My conclusion is that leadership strategies that are effective in achieving the objectives and goals of the company are that they have skills that involve their knowledge in how things work, which knows how a team and system work works, that you have the ability tocommunicate and interact effectively with others, that it is a motivator to others and have the ability to give new ideas and have the ability to solve problems effectively. Each company has challenges that are important and a good leader who has the aforementioned qualities and strategies will undoubtedly achieve that the company is successful in what is proposed.

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