Causes And Stigmas About Mental Disorders

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Causes and stigmas about mental disorders

According to WHO (World Health Organization), “Mental health is a welfare state in which the person performs their abilities and is able to deal with the normal stress of life, to work in a productive way and to contribute toYour community ”, based on this we can say that mental disorders are all those problems or difficulties that prevent us from having full mental health.

Therefore, we ask ourselves, what causes mental disorders?, Are people suffering from mental disorders segregated? Getting to suffer from mental disorder is normally seen as something very distant, but is this issue so weird?, or we are only being victims of misinformation. Although there are more and more people suffering from mental disorders, society continues to stigmatize and this is not right . This is why we must break once and for all stereotypes and realize that it is an issue that concerns us all.

To start first I must clarify that the term "mental disorders and" mental illness "are different. When we talk about the first, we refer to alterations of health and psychological well -being, whether or not a consequence of a known somatic alteration. On the other hand, the term of mental illnesses deals when the problem is rather pathological, that is, of more organic type.

Defining the causes of mental disorders is a complex task of which we will not have complete certainty, but what is certain, is that these have so much social, psychological and biological factors. In addition, each person is unique, so different people can react to a similar situation differently.

Many people will believe that these three factors have the same relevance, but I believe that in the current world in which we live, of constant change, social pressure, uncertainty, and even now living a pandemic, being in quarantine, isolated and worried about the future,What influences the most, is the social.

For John Read "The Simple Truths Are That Human Misery Is Largely Inflicted by other People and That the Solutions Are Best Based On Human – rather than chemical or electrical – interventions" (Read 597). Like him, I think that social impact is much more relevant than what is usually believed. I agree that the solutions of mental disorders should be treated based on human interventions instead of medicines, since this would show the importance of the social factor. We are social beings, and therefore what surrounds us affects us.

Some of the causes of mental disorders could be: the pressure of daily life, since everything we do or happens to us during the day brings repercussions, things like excess work, lack of sleep, family conflicts, the same pressuresocial and if everything that generates emotional changes.

The losses, whether of people or things;Traumas could also affect us in large measures, such as those related to violence, rape, torture and natural disasters;Also changes in life and in the community, being subject to changes scare people, but if these changes are sudden and drastic, a simple way to exemplify this is, again, with the arrival of COVID-19 and all that this thisIt produced worldwide, society underwent a great change and made us have to deal with another way with the ancient and new problems, not to mention the great anxiety that generates not knowing what the outcome of all this will be.

What all these causes have in common is precisely the social factor. By this I do not mean that the biological and psychological do not play any role, since obvious if they are present, but in my opinion we must not underestimate even for a second, the impact of the social on us.

It is also common that people suffering from some mental disorder are stigmatized, separated or classified, and this is due to the misinformation about this issue. Many times we have seen things like, "man with schizophrenia kills …", or, "bipolar assault business" and things of this style, which clearly conditions us to treat these people with prejudices, and this is normal, sinceWe are afraid of what we do not know, but having a mental disorder is not a condition to be a violent person, or a thief, or a fool, or an antisocial, in fact anyone having or not mental disorders can be all this.

This is why you have to get out of ignorance, know and inform yourself more about mental disorders, since no one is exempt from suffering from any and the figures are increasing. Sooner or later we will meet some person who with these problems and our duty is not to discriminate them in any way, either directly or indirectly.

We must be empathic, since there is also "self-stigma", a quite serious thing because it is the internalization of the person’s stigmas due to the negative attitudes he has received, and is related to the beliefs of devaluation and discrimination, which makesthat can affect the quality of life, self – esteem, self-sufficiency and even aggravate symptoms.

According to Ainara Arnaiz and J.J.Uriarte (2006), contact would be a good strategy to help. They commented that:

Contact with people with mental illness can help increase the effects of education on stigma reduction. The investigation has shown that it is less likely that members of the majority who have met members of minority groups stigmatize members of that minority. Therefore, contact can be an important strategy to reduce stereotypes and mental health stigma (58).

As I said before, I think the social role is very relevant and I consider it essential to contact person to person to be able to include and know more about mental disorders. In this way we would stop seeing this as a problem of few and more of all.

Already culminating and in relation to the above, we can say that the cause of mental disorders is difficult to cover completely, since it includes a lot of points to evaluate, but we should give main importance to everything that has to see with the person and theirinteraction with society, because there lies a great possibility of solution . The stigma will disappear when we inform ourselves and closer to the subject. As a society we must include and treat people with mental disorders as equal . The power that one with himself can have and with the rest is great, that is why people should be our best therapy and our best medication when it comes to cope with any mental health problem.   

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