Causes And Consequences Of The French Revolution

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Causes and consequences of the French Revolution

After this event left revolutionary changes between them politicians, socio -economic and human; This event promotes several countries to get rid of oppression, abuse and injustice, it was an example for societies that were emerging in America.

Its impact on sociology was based on various changes, within them ideals of freedom, equality, fraternity being the beginning of an assessment of human rights so that they were respected and not spoiled, as at that time where the existence of classes of classes social were highlighted, where they had fun and squandered others, leaving many people hungry.

To continue understanding such an impact that he left on sociology we must understand his background, consequences and importance of the revolution:

  • The revolution from 1789 to 1799 in France, was the most transcendental event in the history of France because it ended the old regime and established the basis of the social and political institutions that govern until today in that country.
  • Although the political organization of France ranged from the Republic, Empire and Monarchy for 75 years after the First Republic fell after the coup d’etat of Napoleon Bonaparte, the truth is that the revolution marked the final end of absolutism and gave birth to A new regime where the bourgeoisie, and sometimes the popular masses, became the dominant political force in the country.
  • However, Napoleon consolidated some revolutionary accomplishments and endowed France with solid and stable power structures with which the preceding political chaos was ended.
  • Although the ideals of social equality and political democracy were lost along the way, the restoration of the old regime was going to be impossible and, in many important aspects, the achievements of the French Revolution had to last and extended through Europe with the Napoleonic conquests.

The causes of the French Revolution were:

  • That the king exercised power in a very abrupt way without measurement in his actions.
  • The social classes was another factor that determined the impulse for the struggle for equality.
  • Within the economic is the excessive spending by the king please.
  • It was the most important political change that occurred in Europe, meaning the triumph of a poor, oppressed and tired of injustices, about the privileges of the feudal nobility and the absolutist state.

The consequences of this revolution:

  • The noble system was destroyed.
  • A strong blow to the absolute monarchy.
  • The triumph of the bourgeoisie arose.
  • The creation of a Liberal Court Republic arose.
  • The idea that the Church was the same as politics for this reason its separation from the theological with the political frame was a remarkable fact that served other countries that lived with the same ideology.
  • Democracy is exercised thanks to this revolution now the people had a voice and vote to meet their objectives correctly, without being afraid of being murdered for contradicting a cruel mandate. Ideas of independence began to emerge in the Ibero -American colonies, since although this was the beginning, the circumstance had to be taken to reveal from other oppressions that existed in all parts of the world.

Subsequently, new problems arose because despite efforts the economy was ruined, there are not a quick way to correct the king’s mistakes, in addition that the nobles demanded their preferences and the tithe they contributed, requests that were not already fulfilled, that in one way or another equality had to be present since it was one of the bases for the revolution.

That is why the social issue and origins of sociology, as well as the entire previous event gave rise to an enhancement of it, as well as economic, social, political thoughts that were involved with the enlightenment where the development of sociology occurs under pressures social for extraordinarily rapid changes that occur.

The human rights that achieve a principle of respect among people, that are not discriminated against by those who have more or judge by the physical and mental abilities of each one; If we relate it to the present, it is still present but due to certain advances, moral values ​​are leaving aside and going back in that aspect; If we relate it to the revolution it would not be fair for this event to have been in vain.

The fact that highlights in the same way is the conception of the Republic, which means that people could already exercise good democracy the male gender itself, that when time passes it is already widespread but at that revolutionary time at least at least it was already notion of opinion and not only mandate, learn to listen to progress, because part of the idea is that the individuals of a group must agree, in order to reach an arrangement or agreement.

In this way sociology is based on the idea that human beings do not act according to their own individual decisions, but under cultural and historical influences and according to the desires and expectations of the community, as presented in this revolution, position that the idea is born from a group and influences the environment of the society of a people who want to do something for which it is believed to be fair. Thus, the basic concept of sociology is social interaction as a starting point for any relationship in a humanity. 

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