Cause Of Food Poisoning In Our Diet

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Cause of food poisoning in our diet

Did you know that a good part of the percentage of noncommunicable diseases worldwide is constituted by food poisoning? Even if you don’t believe it, this situation is much more frequent than it seems. Not only can it generate specific problems, but this type of pathologies condition the composition of the microbiota.

It is important, therefore, to know what are the causes of food poisoning, in order to remedy them and prevent them. Next we will present the most frequent risk factors, as well as a series of solutions in this regard.

Food poisoning can be produced by defects in conservation

With the aim of increasing the life of food, a series of conservation processes are carried out. The most frequent of all of them is freezing. By subjecting a certain product at very low temperatures, the enzymes that compose it are inactivated, and also the microorganisms that can inhabit in it. However, maintaining the cold chain is crucial in order to prevent the multiplication of pathogens, as stated in an investigation published in the Journal of Food Protection.

To guarantee the health of the product, it is necessary that the defrosting process be adequate. Leaving food at room temperature is an excellent cultivation broth for the multiplication of pathogens inside. For this reason it is recommended to keep the products in the refrigerator until the moment of cooking.

Incomplete cooking increase the risk of poisoning

Another risk factors when talking about food poisoning is the incomplete cooking of them. Especially in the case of minced and processed meat, it is essential to ensure that a minimum temperature inside the food is reached. Otherwise, pathogenic bacteria will survive, being able to colonize the intestinal tract. Experts say that incomplete cooking is one of the main causes of clostridium botulinum poisoning.

The food industry has found a possible solution to reduce the number of infections derived from meat consumption. This consists of adding nitrates and nitrites to food, with antimicrobial activity. This measure is backed by science, however it could mean an increase in the risk of developing pathologies in the medium and long term.

Beware of cross contamination

When reducing the risk of food poisoning, it is necessary to pay special attention to cross contamination. Use the same utensil to cut two different products that can be contaminated constitutes a dangerous practice.

The best option is always to conscientiously wash the culinary utensils between each use, or have several different ones available according to the element that is intended to manipulate. In this way, pollution is avoided that can end with bacterial growth or with the presence of allergens that cause damage to the health of certain people. Celiacs, for example, are especially sensitive to this type of pollution.

Respect hygienic measures to reduce the risk of poisoning

It is necessary to have certain precautions regarding food manipulation. In addition to maintaining the cold chain, and defrosting the products properly, it is necessary to prevent the appearance of cross contamination.

The fact of suffering food poisoning goes beyond being a specific problem. In fact, the pathogenic bacteria that colonize the intestine could alter the health of the intestinal microbiota, altering its normal functions and producing a situation of disbiosis that conditions the health of the host.

We must remember that at present the flora is considered an independent organ. Causing deterioration in its composition is linked to the appearance of problems associated with metabolism and stress, in addition to increasing the state of systemic inflammation.

For this reason it is necessary that you be very careful when handling food. If you detect bad odors discard the product. If you doubt that a food has been properly preserved, do not use it. In these cases it is always better to prevent cure. Food poisoning are uncomfortable in the short term, but in the medium and long term they can lead to major health problems.

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