Cases In Which A Criminal Lawyer Can Help You

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Cases in which a criminal lawyer can help you


In the legal field, there are several professionals responsible for providing advice according to the type of conflict that afflicts you, however, there are so many classifications that sometimes we do not know who to go. In this section we will tell you that a criminal lawyer can help you and when looking for it. The first thing you should know is what is the Spanish Criminal Code? It is a set of laws that group all the sanctions applicable at the rate of the transgression committed by the deceased.


In other words, explains in detail all types of crimes and their respective associated penalties as the case may be. All this attached to the framework of each country and the descriptions imposed by each. Based on the foregoing, a criminal lawyer is the professional of the right in charge of interpreting and enforcing before any legal body the norms established by the Criminal Code in its different frameworks achieving the defense of an accused when required. 

This must be duly certified and accredited to fulfill your advisor role. Crimes that a criminal lawyer is about. Next we will point out the different scenarios in which the advice of a criminal lawyer will be necessary: crimes against people: that is, murders, kidnappings, torture, abortions. Note that they are greater aggressions that will have as variants only the causes of the fact and will need a lot of advice to face the penalties imposed. 

Crimes against Heritage: Here they classify the robberies or illegal appropriation of property of others. Economic crimes: in this group are scams, money laundering, ghost companies, among others. Sexual crimes: the attempt or achievement of rape, sexual harassment. Labor crimes: all those abuses committed on the rights of a worker, even when they arise from an insecure work environment that does not comply with the required regulations. 

Computer crimes: when computer systems are violated for personal or profit. They also highlight, crimes against administration, security and public health, in addition to those of foreigners, are very common and severely sanctioned. These are the cases where the intervention of a specialized criminal lawyer is necessary so that with investigative work and valid arguments the defendant’s defense is achieved when facing the prosecutor.


The prosecutor is who is responsible for exposing the reasons why the detainee should be sanctioned. On the other hand, when a citizen violates the law, he is already detained, it is mandatory for the State to give him the opportunity to defend himself by placing at his disposal a lawyer who advises him for free. In that sense, it is worth noting that the nature of said professional can be public or private but always existing.

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