Carrera Plan A Growth Point

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Carrera Plan A Growth Point

In the time of before when an employee entered a company could trust that he would work there for years or even for a lifetime. This image has been completely outdated. One of the first things in which a professional is usually set after being hired in a company is in which career plan it exists in that organization.

A worker goes through four stages in the course of his working life;

  • The first is the exploration: it is a stage of knowledge capture from childhood, through adolescence, the selection of a technical, technologist or professional career to define what he wants to embark on his working life.
  • In the stage corresponding to the establishment: the collaborator has been a period from 26-45 years located in a company, where he has defined his working life based on his experiences;And if he presents a trajectory of events and advances in his positive professional, work and personal development, he is established in a career plan that allows him to advance and grow.
  • The third stage is maintenance: it is a phase of personal and professional maturity of the worker corresponding to 46-65 years of age. The collaborator at this stage of his integral life collects the fruits of all his effort, effort and care.
  • The last stage of the working life of a worker is that of Declive: it corresponds to that moment of retirement of the personnel who have left much more than his life in the company, since the age of 66 this group of people can become a teacherfull of knowledge that can guide the new staff to achieve the objectives in their position.


When the company is aware of the stage in which the worker enters, the career plan for his employees that stands out in the lower positions to be able to occupy these positions that must be assumed by a collaborator who fill the expectations ofYour immediate boss and management in general.

If we see people are not machines, and their work affects directly on the company, its objectives and their customers, it can be concluded that jobs are not static and infinite in time but changing. As the configuration of a job changes changes, we must also think that a very important motivation factor for people is to be able to verify their development possibilities within the organization and their personal and work progress.

It is important to highlight that racing plans alone are not a guarantee of success. If a professional wishes to be able to carry out a career in the company, the career plan raised by the Human Resources Department and the superior will be responsible for enabling development and consequently, the promotion of the professional could come to occur.

There are a large number of benefits for companies that decide to implement career plans for their employees, including:

  • Allows to align the strategies of the organization with the staff when preparing them better for the positions that are planned by the company.
  • It allows to develop employees through promotions counting with human talent within the same company.
  • The rotation rate decreases by providing employees for a growth path of growth and a sense of security.
  • It helps the company to have the ability to retain the human talent of value by providing development opportunities avoiding that when they seek a change in their work they do it outside the organization.
  • Increase the commitment and productivity of your collaborators by providing more than tasks and activities, significant careers with goals to be met.


The most important thing is to generate in our collaborators the culture that each person must project their own careprofessional level. It is important that companies openly communicate the available race lines and seek to generate internal movement through internal calls, in order to encourage their workers to seek to be better and more productive.

When there is no study of staff racing plans, it can be assumed that it is a workers’ demotivation factor, which are limited their ability to ascent and improve in working conditions and see how a labor scampeder.

The success of a company has its bases in the preparation and future specialization of its employees. The correct career and succession management will allow generating professional development plans that compare the current and future talent needs with internal and external candidates, in the same way it allows strategically plan to align the individual aspirations of your employees with the needs and objectives of thebusiness. 

As a result of these career plan sessions we can somehow ensure the permanence or exit of the collaborator. The person will feel better with himself and the company can allocate resources in people who are clear about their future panorama and as a result retain the best talent. 

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