Carl Sagan And His Message That Made Tremble

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Carl Sagan and his message that made tremble


The pioneer 10 space probe was launched 48 years ago. On January 22, 2003, the last message of this ship with a double purpose was received on its gold cover that will last for 4,000 million years. The human being, curious by nature, has always wanted to know that there is beyond its limits, discover the unknown, show its potential and scope. In this eagerness to discover if we are alone in the universe, if only our house the planet Earth is the only habitable planet, at least in this social system. This has led us to boost space programs, mainly to nations such as the United States and Russia.

Well, by March 2, 1972, NASA shipping to space the dual pioneer 10 space probe, Jupiter destination and the confines of our solar system and beyond where, it would make its two purposes, the first, take photos of the colossal planet and its moons, study its atmosphere, its particles, winds, flow, etc.


Once this mission was completed, it would leave the universe to carry the message of the Earth and, not any message, in the probe support struts, is the pionner plate, made of aluminum with gold cover, it is the one that contains Our message to the aliens or inhabitants of space, the creation of the message was the work of Carl Sagan together with his wife Linda Salzman Sagan and Frank Drake.

In the winter of 1971, Sagan proposed to Drake the creation of an interstellar message, so in just 3 months they created the plaque, there was a proposal that NASA rejection in February already from 72, so they had very little time to work in the definitive work. The first thing they considered that the aliens were important, was the origin of the message, so both designed a star map.

Through pulsares and its distance with respect to the sun is that they located our planet. The sun serves as the center where lines with distances marked horizontally and in binary numbers, the fourteen pulsares that surround our solar system are diagonal lines come out. In the lower part of the spatial signage, our sun was recorded again with the 9 planets belonging to our system, yes 9, since at that time Pluto was still planet. The third planet is marked with an arrow, that is, we, planet Earth, who send the message.

Now, the next point they considered to send was our appearance and composition. Thanks to the basic chemistry in our body is that our composition was specified by expressing a hydrogen atom in its two lowest energy states: when a hydrogen atom changes from one state of energy to the other, radiates a radio wave with a certain wavelength and with a certain oscillation frequency, Drake explains.

For our appearance, Sagan asked his wife, an artist graduated from the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, who will help him represent humanity in two figures, male and female. Linda made a mixture of interracial features, for example, the woman has straight hair and almond eyes, the curly hair and flattened nose, recorded the height of the average woman to the side of the figure should they go dressed? After analyzing it they decided that they would go naked, since they did not agree on what clothes they should wear and that that could confuse the aliens thinking that the clothes are attached to our bodies.

As in every good message, there must be greetings, who would greet? Why not both?, Well here they wanted to avoid another confusion, and if they thought that everyone on earth is up with the hand up? They chose the man to present our respectful greetings and, finally, the genitals. They were naked, they could not put the biblical parra leaf, Linda decided to expose the testicles and penis of the man, in the woman the vagina did not indicate, but, the woman has a subtle tip of legs that well, could hide her sex.

Obviously these human figures were the scandal, the end of the 70s where there was still mojigatería in society, especially in the American. NASA officials were outraged and showed rejection of sending, as they said, pornography to space, in Canada, when Drake went to a television program to present the message, at the end of the program, the whole team looked horrified, since It was forbidden to show nudes on television. It was also commented that the woman Lucia submissa before the man, in those years he was just beginning feminism, so the protest was only in comments in comments.

Finally, and it is that the controversy will cease, the plaque was attached to the probe in Florida, Cabo Cañaveral and has crossed our solar system by the pionner hand. In December 1973 I arrived in Jupiter and shipping wonderful color images, on June 13, 1983 he reached the last border, the edge of our space system and crossed, it is already 17 years that his last message was had and it has not been known Nothing of him. So far no one has responded to the message, we do not know if it was already seen at least.


After the pionner and the complexity of creating a message, other probes have been sent to space with messages, but different information, in 1977 the Voyager containing the Los Voyager Golden album was launched, with greetings in 55 languages, classical music and music and Even Chuck Berry, natural sounds such as heartbeat, rainfall and, this time they were not naked human, NASA approved the image of a pregnant woman. The plaque, as well as the album will last more than our planet, if not seen while the human species inhabits the planet, at least those vestiges will be that we once exist.

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