Carl Jung’S Work And Analytical Psychology

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Carl Jung’s work and analytical psychology

Carl G’s work. Jung began to be systematically translated in 1999, seventy -seven years after they ended up translating Freudian works and works, at this point in history analytical psychology had a worldwide dissemination, Jung’s work arrived in Latin America inThe twenties thanks to the disorganized distribution of libraries, with titles that did not agree with the original writings, however it was precisely that at least a third of Jungian works are found in the Spanish speech continent.

The difficulty that Jungian theories have a presence in access to the academy is the same as witnessing Freud with their theories of psychoanalysis;However, Sáinz (1991) affirms that there are exceptions such as the University of Berkley in the United States that teaches Jungian since 1997 and has been increasing over the years, even giving Jung chairs in Psychology Faculties in PsychologyIn Colombian universities (Javeriana and Los Andes).

Zurich was the place where the first Jung Institute settled in 1948 as an initiative to delve into studies and research of analytical psychology. The IAAP (International Association for Analytical Psychology) is an organization responsible for promoting the study of this type of psychology presented by Jung throughout the world;In Europe with Germany, in the American continent with the United States, and by Latin America that would be the case of Brazil, followed by Venezuela, Uruguay and Argentina, all of them present societies of analytical psychologists. In fact, his career despite the criticism and unplaying predictions that he received in his time were not an impediment for this great psychologist to become an important figure within the field of psychology.

Despite the discrepancies marked between Freud and Jung, the two agreed on something and is in the investigation of the unconscious which thanks to their theories developed on that, today, helps the person realize that some acts that sometimes performWithout wanting they are involuntary, said in another way, the human being not all the time can control their actions and when awareness of that is lost, it is the unconscious who handles it, it is concluded that Jung tries to follow Freud’s footsteps but the more I investigateHe realized that the psyche of the human mind goes beyond what psychoanalysis posed. It is currently considered that a psychoanalysis school is analytical psychology, despite being criticized by many researchers due to the author’s belief in natural and in parapsychology, it served as a basis for help in psychotherapy along with Freud’s theory andthat help the individual to connect with his unconscious to be able to heal with the purpose of generating a series of judgments with which he would support in purely clinical cases.

Jung during his studies could find cultural differences between European and African societies since religion for the latter was one of the ways in which his life made sense, he supported this to the point that he came to build archetypes to relate their wishes andMotivations with something bigger than them, an imaginary image (mother, shadow, hero, among others). These models could also be behavioral taking as a reference again to mythology, the fantasy, brave, honest characters showed a path of being to a person even until today.

It is something impossible to predict the future of analytical psychology, for Samuels (1999) many of the Jungian postulates have similar to postferudians being this the main reason for this psychology to lose its current tendency in addition to its separate identity and become part ofA branch of generic psychoanalysis, although the loss of Jungians as a group of differentiated psychoanalysts is estimated, the most spiritual approach that Jung left to humanity will not disappear.

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