Cancer In The Ovaries And Their Treatment

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Cancer in the ovaries and their treatment


As we have made clear in many articles, the hormonal component is very important for both the health of the athlete and for his life in general. One of the syndromes that can have great hormonal relevance, and thereby affect our physical exercise and our life, is the polystic ovar syndrome. In this article we will explain what this syndrome, its symptoms and its treatment is.


Polyic Ovar Syndrome

Poly -cystic ovarian syndrome is a hormonal disorder that can suffer from women in their fertile period. Its origin is not really clear, having involved both genetic and environmental factors. It is thought that high levels of anti-mahlerian hormone (HAM) and androgens during pregnancy could cause the expression of certain genes that, once the puberty has arrived, will manifest this syndrome.


This disease has a wide variety of symptoms. Most of them are related to high levels of androgens. Polyic Ovar Syndrome takes its name from the large number of liquid cysts that are formed in the ovary, however, the symptomatology goes much further. Here we expose some of the most frequent symptoms. Irregularities in menstruation. Especially frequent is experiencing prolonged cycles. It is also common to have very intense cycles, with abundant and more painful bleeding.

  • Polystic ovaries. As we have said before, numerous cysts can appear in the ovary full of liquid. These cysts are visible in radiological exploration, as in computerized tomography or magnetic resonance. These cysts can be so numerous and abundant that they can produce on other abdominal viscera, producing pain.
  • Hyperandrogenism. The excess of androgens that is the cause of polystic ovar syndrome can also be the origin of most of its symptoms. Excess of androgens (male hormones) can cause the appearance of facial and body hair, which is known as hirsutism. Other symptoms can be acne and androgenic alopecia that usually affects men.


This disease has a series of complications that can put our health at risk. Among them we find obesity, but especially frequent and important are diabetes, sleep apnea, arterial hypertension or non -alcoholic hepatic steatosis. Also frequent are eating disorders, depression or anxiety.


The treatment of polystic ovarian syndrome is complex. There is no specific treatment for this disease, so its treatment goes through dietary measures to avoid complications and reduce symptoms to the maximum.

The main objectives of the treatment of this syndrome are the reduction of insulin resistance, weight loss and standardization of menstrual periods. The main pillars of the treatment of polystic ovary syndrome are dietary and lifestyle measures and medication.

Physical exercise and food

Physical exercise should be one of the pillars of a patient with a polystic ovary syndrome. Especially interval exercise has been demonstrated that it is very effective by reducing insulin resistance. In addition, it will help in body weight control by increasing fat metabolism. In addition, this can also contribute to regulate menstrual cycles. Correct food will help us achieve these objectives if we accompany it from physical exercise.


In most cases dietary measures are not enough to control the disease. It is common to use oral contraceptives, since these are able to join androgenic hormones such as testosterone and inactivate them. In this way it is possible to avoid all the androgenizing symptomatology such as hirsutism or acne.

In addition, metformin is also usually used to reduce insulin resistance. It is also frequent the use of static (such as atorvastatin) to reduce the symptomatology of metabolic syndrome and reduce blood cholesterol. In this way you can also regularize body weight.

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