Calabozo Or Black Space Holes

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Calabozo or black space holes


The fate of the astronaut and the horizon of events. Dungeon. What is a black hole? In simple terms, accessible to all, this is a stage in the life cycle of a star. This stage of development, according to scientists, appears in it after several more stages at the beginning and half of the life of a star, or rather, the star first is a cloud of gas dust (interstellar), then, afterwardsOf millions, and perhaps billions of years, it becomes a hot gas ball. 


In such a uniform state, a medium -sized star lives several billions of years. After that, the fuel it contains burns. Here your destination is divided into two ways: it can become a red giant, or perhaps a black hole. So how is this? Star evolution. Astronaut’s destination and event horizon. A black hole is a state of a body in which its relationship with size and density exceeds a critical value. 

This is an infinitely curved space-time area as you approach its center. The most interesting part is there. In simple terms, in the center of such star there is a point with infinite density and time stopped. In mathematics, it’s called singular. An astronaut who enters is condemned to die. There is such a strong gravity that even the photons how many cannot get out of it. The surface of a black hole is called the event horizon. 

This is a thin region, extended throughout the hole sphere, where photons are not so far from their center to fly to space, but not so close as to fall inwards. Then they constitute the event horizon, circling in orbit. Calabozo: According to scientists, the complete life of a star of this type in the final stage of its cycle lasts approximately 20 billion (20,000,000,000) of years.

While the entire universe is only thirteen billion (13,000,000). Origin of the theory: a black hole is mainly a theory developed using mathematical equations. There is no observation evidence of the existence of black holes. This is one of those theories developed ‘with pencil on paper’. The black hole theory emerged quite recently, at the end of the 20th century, due to the development of quantum mechanics and the principle of uncertainty. 


The main figure that has made the greatest contribution to the definition and description of such objects is Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking: One of his works shows the theory that such objects, despite its infinite gravity, from which not even light can escape, they can still emit radiation. This is already explained by quantum mechanics. Also on this basis and with the help of mathematics, Stephen Hawking assumed that, when evaporating, the black hole disappears in space-time, thus ending with his life.

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