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Business Ethics

After reading and reviewing the case analysis: 8.5 Union Discrimination of the Book Business Ethics. (9.A ed.). Boston, ma. CENGAGE LEARNING. We find SR. Robertson who is a 27 -year -old electrician, Mr. Robertson was hired by the company Bechtel Power Corporation in which they made a union and he refused to participate. Those who form the union used their resources to ensure that the SR. Robertson was fired from his work in the company. We can see how they discriminate against SR. Paul Robertso for not wanting. According to the company Bechtel Power Corporation, he indicated that due to a decrease in personnel and that for the longer time (lordity) they would no longer need their services. The company Bechtel Power Corporation hired 19 electrician these did not have an electrician license they were taken to the company by La Unión. Unlike these electrician the SR. Robertson had a license and also with 27 years of experience. Mr. Paul Robertson decided to sue the company Bechtel Power Corporation through they were investigating that the dismissal was for discriminated to Mr. Paul did not participate in the Union. Both Paul and 7 other employees the company Bechtel Power Corporation, who were unjustly fired by not participating in the Union, must pay the days that did not present their services to said company.

The company Bechtel Power Corporation unfairly treated those employees for not accessing to participate in the union of the company, despite the fact that Mr. Robertson had more years of experience and properly authorized, that did not matter to be discriminated against for not participatingof the Union. Today in many companies there are unions which some favor employees, but not everything is willing to appear in them as they decided on this. If they are a compulsory. These employees were fortunate, to Mr. Paul Robertson not to give up their appeal and have the National Foundation of Legal Defense of Ight Work who appealed before the United States Court of Appeals. The legal defense of national work law was established in 1968 and is a non -profit beneficial organization, which provides free legal assistance to employees who have violated their civil or human rights due to abuse of forced trade unionism.(‘National Right to Work Foundation» About the Foundation ’, 2019). Explained that it is more than clear that any employer or union can violate your right not to belong to any union or union. Even Paul after being years by appealing these do not comply with the ordered to pay the back.

Assuming that the description of the case foundation is correct, Paul Robertson was unfairly treated. Paul’s case appears to be a labor discrimination. If Robertson had been an employee “At-Will” he would not have had the protection of a contract with the company and had not had a legitimate basis for his complaint.

There should be no difference in that a person like Robertson knows, that when a job is accepted, it should be union or it could be quickly dismissed, since this is not legal and the employee has the option of not joining.

If the Union negotiated a contract with the employer where part of this contract specifies that workers who are not uniones were not used, this would violate the rights of workers. Surely a libertarian would agree with the union, since a libertarian would beThe employee not to accept said union.

Pau Robertson chose not to union;This could be associated with the fight for the principle of "the right to work" which gives the right to the employee of not being forced to join unions or pay their quotas. I don’t think Paul could be a “free rider” or someone who only wanted to evade the union quotas but receive the benefits that the union offers.There is no evidence that this would be the way of thinking or acting from Robertson. However there is evidence of their unjustified dismissal and the reasons that the employer and the members of the Union had to fire him.

A great motivation for the patron "Bechtel Power" and Launion could be the income generated from the uniones fees. They even refused to pay the retroactive money that was ordered to pay the unemployed employees, who stopped accrue. I don’t think there is a way to justify the actions of the employer or union. What they did with those employees, including Paul Robertson was discriminatory and illegal.

The announcement of "Job Discrimination … It Still Exist", which its meaning in Spanish would be something similar to "Labor Discrimination … It still exists", was published by the Foundation of Legal Defense for National Labor Law (NRWLDF) for its acronym inEnglish, possibly as a reminder to employees that they could still find situations similar to that Paul Robertson found in the workplace. The announcement does not seem to go against the propaganda of the Union, but against illegal actions, such as work discrimination. The NRWLDF is interested in workers’ rights, including their right to work without having to join. The genuinely foundation is interested in the rights of employees and in turn, also in part, to weaken the relationship between unions and management, when these are illegal and threaten the rights of employees.

From the moral point the “union shops” have an immoral appearance because the union will ensure the contract clauses that the employer hires union members or those who are willing to join in short. The rights, interests and ideals that conflict would be those of the employees vs. of the Union/Patrono. In the right not to union and the right of the union to have a contractual relationship with the employer. The positive and negative consequences of allowing the positive “union shops” would be the benefits they offer to the employee, negative would be when the employee’s right is violated not.


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