Bullying And Its Irreparable Damage To The Future

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Bullying and its irreparable damage to the future

The fact that one person exercises their domain or power over another, and less when we talk about bullying or bullying is not novel, it is incredible to see how people at such a young age are causing anguish and fear in others. The lack of education and control both at home and at school, turn out to be one of the essential factors for this abuse, thus causing both physical and psychological consequences in which the victims turn out.

The Bullying word derives from English and can be translated into Spanish as ‘bullying’ or ‘intimidation’.

Bullying or bully. This is usually practiced against children or young people who are characterized by being submissive, having difficulty defending themselves, presenting low self – esteem, being insecure or because they differ from their classmates for various reasons.

The continued bullying that a child receives from another or others, who behave with him cruelly with the aim of submitting and scaring him, through the constant threats, insults, and aggressions thus achieving the victim prey to his abuses throughoutof months and even years, this can cause the victim’s social exclusion.

This problem occurs in children of all ages, although it occurs mainly in children between 11 and 13 years. This is because of what is lived at home. Many times families that have coexistence problems are the most likely to be aggressive, these problems can be caused by: economic problems, addiction problems, domestic violence, little quality of quality and coexistence, young age of parents and irresponsibilityof these etc.

Although, at the moment when parents begin to neglect or even attack their children, they create many insecurities that make them very likely victims of bullying by their classmates or very aggressive children with problems to socialize and victimizersof his classmates.

Often, this harassment in real life begins behind a screen: it is known as cyberbullying or cyberbulling.

This problem presents a gloomy future for society, because the children who suffer from it will be the adults of the future, and before a growing population the problem seems to increase. Thinking that many adults will have personal problems in their works and families products of emotional traumas that were not treated and that the vicious circle does not seem to stop makes us see that the problem is far from solving.

In conclusion, we now know how harmful this phenomenon can be for both the victim and the aggressor, if it is not properly treated, this is why parents are proposed to be more aware of their children, try not to reflect their problems to make them make themhealthy children and self-insurance, observing and attending possible abnormal behaviors at a given time.

In addition, institutions can also help in this problem, giving continuous talks to their students, and make them known the fatal consequences that this type of abuse in people would have. 

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