Bullying And Emotional Intelligence In Children

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Bullying and Emotional Intelligence in Children


Halms even suicide

According to studies, a large part of harassment problems could have their beginning in poor emotional management, so it is considered that emotional intelligence could become a protective variable against bullying and thus be able to help the reduction of cases of harassment


If we seek to harass the RAE dictionary, it gives us as a definition to pursue, without giving truce, rest even animal or person and also gives us the definition of persecuting, importing, pressing someone with discomfort or requirements ¨ ¨

Cisneros for its part defined bullying as a deliberate verbal and modal abuse that a child receives from others

Abuse is easier to detect when they are physical and more complicated aggressions when they are psychological aggressions

Harassment affects health and good development

But not all abuse is considered harassment, so that the victim is considered harassment, the victim would have to be in a position in which he cannot defend himself and the aggressor would have to be imposing

Now with technology the cyberbullying arose that causes the same or even problems greater than bullying, since it is something they use and everyone can see

There is still no concrete reason why a person becomes a victim or aggressor, but if there are a number of variables that could help children not suffer from bullying or be the aggressors

Although it is more likely that a violent and aggressive child becomes an aggressor and the quiet and shy child in the victim

Students who have some disability are more likely to suffer from bullying, since the people who add them usually do they know that they will not defend themselves

The term emotional intelligence refers to the ability to feel, understand and transform emotional states into us and the rest, although it was previously defined as the ability to understand and direct men and women

According to Howard Gardner, emotional intelligence is the ability to solve problems or develop products that are valuable in one or more cultures

Among the models of emotional intelligence is those accepted is that of mental skills that allow us

  • Emotional intelligence interest for personal and social adjustment

It is important to work emotional intelligence from all possible areas for the human being

  • Increase self-awareness

It is important to use emotional intelligence because it will help us control the nature of our emotions

  • Promote well -being in personal relationships

If our emotional intelligence develops correctly we will have better personal relationships, without conflicts

  • Favors an emotional balance

In times of stress, developing emotional intelligence will help us control our emotions and have more balanced and serene behavior

  • Increase motivation

The fact of being emotionally knowing that we can solve our emotional problems with intelligence predisposes us to good health

  • Give greater leadership capacity

A serene person who can control situations with intelligence is the one who will influence us to follow him

  • Improve work performance

It encourages harmonious relationships and increases work performance

  • Promote social analysis skills and empathy

If we know our emotions it is possible to perceive the emotions of others

  • Increase psychological well -being

Having a balanced life cannot help increase our psychological well -being


Bullying, bullying and cyberbullying are very frequent problems and that are currently causing many problems especially to people who suffer from it, they can even reach suicide. Cyberbullying is a big problem, since the information that can be saved or shared by the network can do it and see anyone, which makes it more complicated to detect people who do it and affect so many people and unfortunatelyNow this is happening with children

This is why it is very important to develop emotional intelligence, since it is linked to these problems, so it is necessary for children to develop good emotional intelligence, although generally the aggressors usually have good emotional intelligence, but lack of empathy, but that will dependof the type of environment that has to develop and good emotional intelligence, since only then will they reduce the chances of being victims or aggressors   

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