Bulimia Is A Food Trador

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Bulimia is a food trador


When talking about mental disorders we talk about a series of pathological behaviors or behaviors, then we will refer to these anomalies in the face of food intake and an obsession with weight control, these are eating disorders called anorexia andBulimia, which will affect the person in their physical and mental health. These disorders can be caused by different biological, psychological, family, cultural and social factors, since, in recent years, media and social pressure has been great with respect to imposing thinness as a reference or an ideal of beauty, encouraging and motivatingWeight loss to seek an attractive physicist, these behaviors are presented for both women and men, which cause diseases that mostly affect adolescents.

The present work will focus on the nervous bulimia, which begins when there is dissatisfaction with the body itself either because it is considered excessively, in this disorder the patient has episodes of excessive or abnormal hunger which causes the patient to ingest theCompulsively food, followed by this, the person will feel guilt, which will induce vomiting, to perform excessive physical activity, fast or ingest laxatives, patients lose control of themselves and are not able to identify the negative consequences that it will bringThis disorder.

The work was developed with the aim of making this disease known more thoroughly such as characteristics, symptoms, causes, types of purge methods and also describing patients who suffer from it. This will allow us to know and understand this eating disorder better and proceed to expose our conclusions regarding bulimia nervosa.


Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder that is characterized by repeated episodes of excessive food intake in a short period of time. People with bulimia realize their eating habits, but they usually not notice hunger during meals, since they are not able to stop by themselves until they feel intense abdominal pain, they are interrupted, they fall asleep, they faint orVomiting is induced. (Méndez, Vázquez Velazquez, & García García, 2008)

Its main characteristics consist of binge and inappropriate compensatory methods to avoid weight gain, these food binge are usually of great caloric content, which is why the following subtypes can be used to determine the presence or absence of the regular use ofPurge methods, in order to compensate for food ingestion during binge:

  • Purgative type: clinical pictures in which the patient has caused vomiting and has misused laxatives, diuretics and enemas during the episode.
  • Non -purgative type: clinical pictures in which the patient has used other inappropriate compensatory techniques, such as fasting or practicing intense exercise, but vomit has not been caused nor has he misuse of laxatives, diuretics or enemas during the episode. (Méndez, Vázquez Velazquez, & García García, 2008).


The people suffering from Bulimia Nervosa has a distorted idea of your own body, even if it has a normal weight;He also shows feelings of body dissatisfaction, he has a fear of gaining weight, and is not a person capable of controlling his impulses with food, after they get to ingest food excessively, these people get to have feelings of guilt, and thus, and thus, and thus,The most common is that they resort to self-relocated vomit, in other cases they take medications or laxatives. (Méndez, Vázquez Velazquez, & García García, 2008)

At present, the severity of the nerve bulimia can be specified based on the number of episodes of inappropriate compensatory behavior, that is, the number of things and sometimes they do to compensate what they ingest, it is mild if it is about three episodes per week per week, it is moderate four to seven episodes per week, it is serious from eight to 13 episodes per week and extreme of 14 or more episodes per week. (Morrison, 2015)

It is necessary to express some of the risks that Bulimia nervosa patients can present, such as skin color changes, constipation, gastritis colitis, dehydration caused by laxatives and diarrhea, in the same way the patient can state that the gastric reflux constantlyand irritation in the throat, caused by the repetitive vomiting that cause.

In the same way, it is worth mentioning the difference between a person who suffers from anorexia with a person suffering from Bulimia, because since, the patient who has anorexia is thin while a patient suffering from bulimia can have a normal weight and so you can passunnoticed. (Morrison, 2015)

Bulimia Nervosa Symptoms

There are some symptoms presented by a person who could suffer from Bulimia nervosa and can also be confused with an anorexia, because both diseases have similarities in their symptoms.

  • Excessive fear of weight gain
  • Dissatisfaction with silhouette and body weight
  • Eat quickly and excessively within a very short time of time (food binge)
  • Excessive use of laxatives, enemas or diuretics after eating
  • Cause vomit after each food binge
  • Intense exercise, especially after eating to burn calories
  • Dental enamel worn due to constant contact of the teeth with stomach acid
  • Sudden body weight changes
  • Throat aches caused by vomiting self-induction
  • Feel out of control
  • Depression and constant changes of humor
  • Swollen nodes on the neck and face
  • Swollen cheeks
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Reflux and indigestion
  • Low self-esteem



The cause of this condition is not known with certainty, but some investigations have concluded that it is an interaction of multiple factors and can be classified as:

  1. Predisposing factors: make people more vulnerability to develop a certain type of disease through the combination of individual, family and social characteristics. Within the predisposing factors are the following:
  2. Individual factors: certain personality features are related to this condition, such as low self – esteem, lack of autonomy, immaturity, perfectionism, shyness, depressive features and compulsive obsessive behavior.
  3. Family factors: common characteristics in people’s family with this condition. Some of them are difficulty in conflict resolution, overprotection from parents, poor communication between family members, a history of eating disorders in brothers or sisters, having suffered ill -treatment or sexual abuse, relatives who have suffered from depressionand alcoholism.
  4. Precipitating factors: cause the disease to be triggered at a given time or in the face of certain types of circumstances that can become stressful. Among these factors are the following:
  • The changes of puberty
  • A previous somatic disease
  • Starting a diet to lose weight
  • Intense physical exercise
  • Receive negative comments from family and/or friends due to weight increase
  • Important vital experiences, such as: change of residence, separation of parents, death of a loved one, birth of a brother, etc.
  • The first sexual experiences
  • MAINTENANCE FACTORS: They make nerve bulimia stay and last over time. This has to do mainly with the physical and emotional consequences of poor diet. Among these factors we can find the following:
  • The lack of social contact (the person is usually insulated by their physical and emotional problems) and this causes more to focus on food, thinness and weight loss
  • Psychological consequences product of starvation
  • Purgative methods, due to the security that makes him know that he can avoid gaining fat after a binge
  • A society that gives a very high value to thinness



To conclude, bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder that goes unnoticed by other people, because, these people who suffer from it remain in a normal weight, people who suffer from bulimia are characterized by eating excessively and this can be definedAs bingeks where the individual does it in hidden and simply cannot be controlled by themselves, in addition, they begin to feel pain in the abdominal part which is intense, they become asleep, it is possible to emphasize, that the people who suffer from it canGetting to have a distorted vision of your body, can have negative feelings towards them, and this cause them to resort to self-relieved vomit, it is worth mentioning, that they also use medications or laxatives and at the same time perform physical exercises but excessively.

Something fundamental is that people who suffer bulimia run harmful irrigation such as the change of the smell of their skin, begins to present constipation, gastritis, colitis, diarrhea, and above all a constant gastric reflux and irritation in the throat for the constant times thatVomiting have been caused, in addition they also present dehydration and this is caused by the excessive use of laxatives, on the other hand, these individuals also begin to present symptoms that can be confused with anorexia and this occurs because bulimiaAnd anorexia have similarities in relation to their symptoms, but in the case of Bulimia these people begin to have an irregular menstruation, they present depression, weakness, contributors changes in humor and above all low self – esteem.

Finally, the causes of bulimia are not known with certainty but environment some investigations concluded that the family factors can be given by various factors which are caused by bad relationships around the family environment, because they do not know how to resolve conflicts, theOverprotection, poor communication, by a history of eating disorders in the family circle and especially for abuse and sexual abuse, that is why it is important to emphasize, that any disorder either mental, food, etc., You must work with the family because it is in them where we are going to find the answers and solutions so that the patient can have a better and quick recovery.

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